Big Data to Understand Consumer Mobility

Thanks to advanced Big Data techniques that make it possible to collect and analyze large volumes of mobility data, it is possible to establish where consumers live and where they go before visiting a shopping mall or supermarket. Today, business leaders have access to Business Intelligence solutions that are based on millions of anonymized data […]

Why is Mobility & Location Data Relevant for Retail?

Through the management of large volumes of data, it is possible to understand the pedestrian mobility of an area or city, and from this, predict the sales potential of a business according to its location and the characteristics of consumers who pass through the surrounding area. Currently, companies in the retail and mass consumption sector […]

Geospatial Data for Real Estate Market

Through solutions based on the analysis of satellite photos and machine learning models, it is possible to optimize the process of identifying the best land uses and analyze the areas where a construction project will be developed with a high level of detail, in order to find the optimal location and minimize investment risks. The […]

Uses and applications: Model of economic flows in the distribution of products

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED A multinational corporation in the industrial and logistics sector needed to optimize its asset protection process and identify possible illegitimate uses of its product by its customers. OUR SOLUTION PREDIK Data-Driven developed a specific methodology tailored to the characteristics of the client, which consisted of modeling and understanding the economic flows […]

Agriculture: Solutions Based on Satellite Imagery

Through information solutions based on the use of satellite photos, the application of classification models and the implementation of machine learning algorithms, it is possible to optimize the management of large plantations and minimize the risks faced by crops that affect profitability per hectare planted. The growing availability of data that exists today is leading […]