Walmart Vs. Soriana: Consumer Foot traffic Analysis

Location and mobility data analytics are transforming the way marketing and sales strategies are defined in the retail business, and supermarket chains are no exception. Understanding what consumers think, what they want and what they do is critical for companies in the retail sector. This is where Big Data tools play an important role, as […]

How to Boost Sales with Artificial Intelligence

New data management methodologies now allow retailers to take advantage of even the smallest piece of information to generate valuable insights that help optimize their marketing and customer loyalty strategies. These questions are frequently asked by the sales teams of all retail companies, regardless of their industry. Increasing turnover, increasing the number of customers in […]

Data Monetization: What Every Company Should Know

Identifying the right location to establish a business is a fundamental part of the basic strategy of any company in every industry. Selecting the exact right area and location is crucial not only for profitability, but also to help determine whether or not the business will be successful. Iterative analysis of transaction, facility and asset […]

POI Analysis in the Retail Sector

The analysis of mobile and geospatial data focused on points of interest has become vital for the efficiency of any business, as it allows to understand some important aspects that retailers need to ensure the success of their establishments. What are POIs? A point of interest (POI) is a specific geographic entity, such as a restaurant, a […]

How to Map the Geography of my Business?

New technological tools improve logistics processes by generating visualizations that map in thousands of assets identifying cost trends, performance along maritime, land and air routes among others. New technological tools, such as GIS, Big Data, mobile devices, and artificial intelligence, accumulate huge data sets within the logistics processes of any business, so using the right techniques, it […]

Artificial Intelligence: How Does It Help to Optimize Costs?

Artificial intelligence is the main driver of the change that companies are beginning to experience, which are already optimizing their business decision-making processes and strategies with algorithmic and predictive models. The times are long gone when the term artificial intelligence was used and understood only by professionals in the technology world. Artificial intelligence is nowadays the main […]

Location Analytics Tools Unlocking Value

Geomarketing allows businesses to find location-specific content. This content is tailored according to one region or location. Businesses can use geomarketing analytics tools to find valuable information and insights that help them create ads. All marketing and advertisement based on geomarketing analytics tools benefit the businesses’ location-specific marketing goals.   Location analytics is a tool whose relevance […]

How to Increase Foot Traffic in stores?

In the digital age, location intelligence and foot traffic analytics based on mobility data are changing the retail business, giving many retailers an edge over their competitors. Location intelligence is defined as a methodology for understanding and visualizing mobility data to help solve a wide variety of retail problems.  Foot traffic analytics is derived from […]

POS Analytics based on Big Data

When we talk about POS, we refer to the places where a customer transacts payment for a product or a service. It can be a physical store, where terminals are used to process card payments, or a virtual POS, such as a computer or mobile electronic devices. These places are the foundation of success for retailers, […]

Predictive Analytics for Real Estate: Using Data for Strategic Decisions

Predictive analytics for real estate guide

Predictive analytics has significantly impacted the real estate sector, as it offers fast and accurate insights that can be acted upon. This change has been facilitated by the rise of Big Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which tap into the vast potential of real estate data. As usual, the real estate industry is continuously […]