How Big Data Analytics and GIS Are Impacting the Agricultural Industry

Geographic Informations Systems turns data into information that farmers and land managers can use to take informed and timely decisions to increase productivity. Sensors located in fields, tractors and satellites above farms are constantly collecting data. Geolocations systems and Big Data are able to convert this data into information that agricultural companies can use to make more informed […]

Traditional Channel: How to Increase Profitability?

Determining if the highest possible profitability is being obtained at each point of sale and if the establishments with the greatest billing potential are being reached, is part of what can be solved with geomarketing solutions. Through Big Data management techniques, it is possible to collect, validate and analyze large volumes of information for all types […]

Location analytics can drive retailers to success: Case Study Home Depot Vs. Ace Hardware

Retail companies are already implementing Big Data and geolocation analytics tools to understand consumer mobility patterns, measure foot traffic in each store, understand the performance at their points of sale and estimate competitors’ turnover. Big data techniques allow the recollection of large volumes of geospatial and anonymous data from various mobile devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets, etc., making […]

What is Customer Analytics?

The analysis of customer information offers great advantages in strategy development, as customer interactions, consumer response and behavioral patterns, among others, can be monitored and predicted. This information is useful for increasing customer acquisition, profitability and long-term customer loyalty. How can Big Data be used to improve marketing and sales strategies? You may be interested in: “Geomarketing: […]

How Big Data Analytics helps in the Real Estate Industry?

Big Data and Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has always been a data-driven business. Still, in recent years, Big Data Analytics has emerged as a game changer for this industry.  With the ability to collect, process, and analyze vast amounts of data, real estate firms can now gain insights into market trends, property values, and customer behavior like never […]