How To Use Predictive Analytics For Supply Chain Optimization?

Predictive Analytics for Supply Chain

Supply chain predictive analytics help companies to optimize their supply chain workflow by providing forecasts, identifying inefficiencies and driving forward innovation. Data is helping supply chain management to accomplish things that were practically impossible years ago. In this scenario, predictive analytics has become the perfect way for companies to fight the complexity and the constant […]

What is foot traffic data and how to obtain it?

What is foot traffic and how to use it?

Foot traffic is a vital pulse check for businesses, reflecting their performance and growth potential in an ever-changing landscape. Businesses must comprehend and analyze foot traffic to entice customers and strengthen sales to stay competitive. This article dives into the essence of foot traffic, its significance for different types of businesses, and practical strategies to […]

How to increase foot traffic in 2022 with Big Data?

Foot traffic is a key factor for the success of any retail store, the main step to increase it is to measure it. Only by counting and tracking it is it possible to identify the factors that affect and improve a retailer’s store footfall. What is foot traffic? Foot traffic is the number of customers […]

Which type of alternative data is beneficial for investors?

Investment management firms leverage alternative data to identify patterns and gain unique insights into investment products. Hedge funds were among the first to take advantage of data analytics technologies and big data, followed closely by corporate venture capital managers, data from non-traditional sources and services to base decision making on useful data. These same companies […]

Alternative Data: What Is It? How To Get It? What Are Its Benefits?

Alternative data guide

Alternative data refers to unconventional, non-traditional data sources that provide strategic insights. Unlike traditional sources, it uncovers hidden trends and patterns often missed by standard data analysis. Its Evolution in Business Intelligence Historically, businesses and hedge funds used only traditional data to make decisions. However, the last decade has seen an exciting shift towards alternative […]

10 (Big) benefits of using Big Data in Fleet Management

Top Benefits of using Big Data in Fleet Management

Are manual fleet management practices causing you headaches? Want to streamline your operations, reduce expenses, and enhance driver safety? Then, Big Data technology can the right answer for you. Make informed decisions that improve your fleet’s efficiency and performance by processing vast amounts of data in real-time. Big Data Analytics is changing how companies manage […]

Supply Chain analytics: From data to outcomes

Supply chain analytics represents the ability to make data-driven decisions based on a summary of relevant and reliable information, influencing key decisions that lead to better results. This technological tool provides supply chain operations managers with a complete view of logistics networks, enabling them to understand the upstream and downstream effects of a specific disruption. […]

Measuring footfall in restaurant franchises

Footfall analytics have revolutionized the way retailers implement branch expansion, commercial and operational strategies in the restaurant franchise market. The correlation between location and footfall analytics, visits, sales, and the success of retail fast-food franchises have been studied and proven, so the development of this type of analysis has become a priority in the site […]

How to maximize the profitability of my business in 2022?

With advanced analytics based on Big Data, it’s possible to develop solutions to optimize marketing and distribution strategies and thus maximize the profitability of any business. The conventional distribution channel is one of the most complex to optimize in terms of marketing and distribution. The variability in size, characteristics and location makes it difficult to […]

How to reveal hidden tiers in the supply chain?

Most supply chain managers have limited visibility into which of their first-tier suppliers have risks and exposures arising from second and third-tier suppliers. Essentially, they do not know who supplies their Tier 1 suppliers. Location analytics can identify unknown hidden participants or nodes in supply chains, thus helping to minimize and better control the risks […]