Predictive models for retail franchises

Predictive analytics uses data, statistical algorithms and machine learning procedures to identify the probability of expected outcomes from historical data, enabling organizations to increase their productivity, competitive advantage, improving what companies do and how they do it. Franchise system retailers can face growth challenges in a changing and competitive retail marketplace, and franchise managers and […]

How does Big Data work in market research?

In the United States, digitization is spreading through myriad channels across the economy. Now, in that country, digital tools are generating channels that are changing the way of doing traditional market research. In general, big data aligned with market research makes the process more efficient and impactful than before. The role of Big Data in […]

How to measure customer engagement with Big Data?

Customer Engagement Analytics and Big Data

The concept of customer engagement analytics refers to the process of collecting and analyzing data on customer-business interactions. This data can reveal valuable insights, such as customer preferences and behaviors. Understanding this data helps businesses to better engage with their customers. Understanding and optimizing customer engagement is crucial for businesses. This helps them foster robust […]

What business problems can be solved with alternative data?

Alternative data is a simple concept that provides valuable and flexible information beyond that offered by traditional data, mostly used in the financial world to evaluate a business or investment outside the scope of traditional data sources. The accelerating generation of alternative data obtained through emails, social media, satellites, financial reports, geolocation, among other sources, […]

Supply Chain analytics and inter-company relationships

Nowadays, industries can obtain a comprehensive and detailed view of all types of relationships that companies have in a given area, and visualize all the hidden tiers that are part of any supply chain, thanks to Big Data techniques.  With Big Data techniques, it is now possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the logistical, […]

Foot traffic in self-service retail stores

Foot Traffic analytics have revolutionized the way retailers implement expansion, commercial and operational strategies in self-service stores. The correlation between location and foot traffic analytics, visits, sales, and the success of retail self-service restaurants have been studied and proven, so the development of this type of analysis has become a priority in the site selection […]

How to map the supply chain with Big Data?

Supply chain mapping brings companies strong and trusted relationships with suppliers, leading to better business results. The ability to use Big Data in supply chain mapping allows businesses to automatically perform supply chain assessments, storing supplier information throughout the process to reduce operation fatigue in the future. By combining it with location analytics, you can […]

Benefits of supply chain mapping with Big Data

Supply chain mapping with Big Data is the process of identifying all companies and suppliers in order to analyze and improve the operations that are part of every material, process and delivery involved in the commercialization of products and services. What is supply chain mapping? Supply chain mapping is the process of documenting information on […]