How Data Science Solves Real Business Problems

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Data science is often viewed as an overload of statistical information about specific fields or topics. While it certainly combines mathematical concepts and analytical tools, it’s also an effective resource for solving business problems. Business owners can apply the latest data science techniques and tools to gain valuable insights, make better decisions, and predict future […]

Big Data in Automotive: 3 Ways To Make The Most Of It

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Big Data is integral for automotive companies’ success. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, it also has to face challenges related to globalization, market volatility and competition, and cost pressure. Big data analytics solutions help automotive companies address these challenges through sophisticated analysis of a vast amount of quantitative, qualitative, structured, and unstructured data to identify […]

Predictive Analytics In Healthcare: 4 Examples and Risks

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As the analytics field continues to advance, we see more and more industries leveraging the opportunities it presents. Healthcare organizations are now hiring data analytics or data science service providers who can help them find solutions that will reduce costs, find tailored treatments for patients, and protect data assets. So, how can predictive analytics models contribute […]

How to profile a company using Trade Area Analysis?

How to analyze a company profile using Trade Area Analysis

In our industrial trade area analysis guide, we explained how the analysis of enriched industrial POIs (Points of Interests) can provide detailed information about each company within an area regarding its supply chain and business structure. In this article we´ll cover the following topics: Is a company a possible ally or a threat? The importance […]

Understanding Trade Area Analysis With Real Examples (Guide)

Guide about Trade Area Analysis

Recently, companies have been looking to understand if their sales points, offices, subsidiaries, and warehouses will succeed or fail in a particular location area even before placing them. Of course, many factors need to be considered. Some can be easily identifiable, like a competitor’s presence. Others, not so much, like the cross-company relationships between businesses […]

3 Reasons Mapping Software is Essential for Sales Territory

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Territory mapping tools are crucial big data analytics tools needed to facilitate greater collaboration between sales managers and representatives. They help improve sales efficiency and enable increased profits. Why should you use mapping software for sales territory? Let’s find out. Improved Data Visualization Collecting data isn’t going to help you much if you don’t use the […]