Advertising agencies and Big Data benefits

With advertising analytics based on big data techniques, marketers can quickly determine the effectiveness of each channel and thus adjust their strategies, enabling them to run hyper-targeted campaigns, choosing the right ad content for the appropriate ad networks.

What is it?

This type of analytics refers to the use of data and technology tools that help companies and marketers effectively monitor their marketing efforts to ensure that campaigns are targeted to the right audience and use the right channels for effective communication.

What are these tools, and what are their potential uses?

Foot Traffic analytics

They enable organizations to understand the value of each advertising activity and how they complement each other to drive sales in turn improving overall advertising ROI as they help marketers understand consumer and shopper behavior in relation to their mobility patterns and the locations where they live or work, driving outdoor media decisions.

Location intelligence

Allows to monitor, adjust or allocate your advertising budget almost instantly as it facilitates the allocation process, making it much more agile and results-oriented, allowing for more effective measurement of results and proactively allocating resources.

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Predictive models

They predict the best advertising strategies for upcoming products and campaigns, even before they go to market, allowing them to proactively allocate budgets for different advertising inventories, also through the collection of geographic, relative wealth index and subjective information on the preferences and interests of the population, the potential effectiveness of each area is estimated, thus identifying the possible locations with the highest expected profitability for advertising campaigns.

These are some of the channels that organizations can improve by applying this type of analytics:

  • Ads and banners
  • Emails
  • Website (SEO and content marketing)
  • Social media
  • TV
  • Paid ads (PPC and other campaigns), and many more.

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What data can be used to complement the analysis?

  • Market conditions
  • Competitor activities
  • Marketing actions
  • Consumer response
  • Business performance
  • Mobility patterns
  • Population characteristics
  • POI Potential

With such detailed data sets and well-constructed analytics tools, companies can monitor the effectiveness of each advertising campaign, as well as their mutual impact.

By analyzing huge historical and behavioral data sets, PREDIK Data-Driven helps marketers refine their campaign strategies and target the right audience, optimize their budget, maximize views and improve their advertising campaigns.

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