AI-Sales Intelligence Tool

Utilizing AI technology can help a Manufacturing Company discover the most advantageous business opportunities.

Ditch email lists, corporate registries, NAICS info and sales aids and start leveraging Artificial Intelligence Models to uncover the most beneficial deals for your sales squad.

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Step 1) Target client

Indicate who your target client/market is.

Step 2) A.I. model

Our Lookalike AI Technology Model puts data into work.

Step 3) New lead data

Get a detailed list of companies with the highest  probability of becoming Top Accounts for your sales team.

Fortune 500 companies trust our Artificial Intelligence models


Find good leads
(As good as your Top Clients)

Something its clear: It is not about how many leads you find but how good they are.

By analyzing your benchmarks and numerous other sources, our AI model can provide your sales team with a comprehensive list of the companies with the greatest potential to become major prospects.

Discover where your Blue Whales are

Identify the intended audience for your Manufacturing company. Utilize our Sales Intelligence tool to explore a vast expanse of data to locate your ideal customers.

Assess your leads utilizing artificial intelligence

Obtain a Business Prospect Index for each fresh lead that enters your funnel.

Imagine if data were limitless

AI Sales Intelligence tool (explanation)

Get answers about our Sales Intelligence Tools (FAQs)

What is Sales Intellligence

Sales Intelligence entails gathering, scrutinizing, and capitalizing on large amounts of data from various sources, including internal company documents, market news, consumer data, and more. This data-driven methodology furnishes sales teams with invaluable knowledge, allowing them to craft personalized tactics and take strategic actions.

How to find leads with Sales Intelligence?

Sales Intelligence tools can aid sales teams in finding new leads by recognizing the right prospects, supplying market knowledge, enhancing lead quality, automating prospecting, refining sales processes, customizing outreach, and monitoring competitor activity. By using these sales tools, decision-makers can dedicate more time to creating relationships and finalizing deals in an effective manner.

How to use customer intelligence to improve sales?

Sales intelligence tools leverage customer data to assist sales teams in finding and targeting potential customers, personalizing sales strategies, increasing lead generation, and tracking and analyzing customer information. By utilizing customer data, these tools can help with identifying target audiences, optimizing lead prospecting, and enhancing lead analysis.

How Artificial Intelligence benefits Sales Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is offering a more expansive and comprehensive outlook on Sales Intelligence tactics. Nowadays, AI and Machine Learning models, coupled with Big Data techniques, are transforming SI applications.

What is the pricing model for our AI solution?

We provide various subscription plans tailored to the amount of businesses to be examined. Our plan can be renewed every three months, twice a year, or yearly, depending on your requirements.

How do we gather information?

At PREDIK Data-Driven, we prioritize data privacy. We only utilize aggregated and anonymized information from official public and private sources. As part of our moral data practice, we never infringe upon any company’s or individual’s dignity.

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