Clients' success stories

How a company managed to protect its assets throughout the supply chain


Logistics provider with an annual movement of more than 30 million products within industrial companies.


How to improve asset monitoring and keep them away from companies with illegal activities?


Model development to understand asset flow between companies, customers, and third parties.


Monitoring improvement of their logistic routes and correct identification of supply chain vulnerabilities.

The Client

Logistics provider with extensive global coverage.

We worked with one of the biggest logistics providers in America.

Annually, its operation involves more than 30 million assets moved within industrial companies (only in Latin America).

The Challenge

How to better asset monitoring throughout the entire supply chain?

One of our client’s main challenges was that their assets passed through various points in the supply chain logistics. This caused much of their inventory to end up inside companies with illegal activities.

The Solution

Desarrollamos una metodología muy específica, la cual consistió en modelar y comprender los flujos económicos entre empresas, clientes y terceras partes (todas involucradas en el proceso de distribución de sus productos).

En este caso, nuestro equipo de científicos de datos recurrió a una amplia variedad de fuentes de datos. El proyecto requirió de fuentes primarias, alternativas, públicas, privadas, así como información propia de la empresa. 

Cabe recalcar que para que nuestro modelo funcionara se emplearon avanzas técnicas de minería de datos y machine learning.

The Results

Through our model, the client could identify vulnerable points in their logistics routes that could jeopardize their assets.

Why choose PREDIK Data-Driven?

For more than 14 years, our specialized methodology has proven positive results in finding new ways to maintain a more efficient asset protection system.

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