Big Data and the Last Mile Delivery

The last mile is the journey of a product from the warehouse shelf to the back of a truck and the customer’s door, thus being the final step in the operational process, when the package finally arrives at the consumer’s door. In addition to being one of the keys to customer satisfaction, last mile delivery is the most problematic part of the shipping process.

It is one of the logistics areas where Big Data can have a real impact on daily operations, offering the opportunity to optimize internal processes and better control external factors, developing qualitative and quantitative improvements in operations, supply chain areas and logistics processes, bringing significant improvements in last mile deliveries.

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How can Big data analytics help improve last mile logistics?

Increases transparency in delivery processes

Big data shows internal and external weaknesses in operational processes, such as communication problems, unforeseen events or delivery failures. Thanks to the analysis and collection of data, these obstacles can be eliminated in near real time.

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Optimization of costs and resources

Businesses are subject to external factors that directly affect costs, such as changes in oil prices, traffic, insurance or damaged goods. Businesses use this tool to analyze the status of their delivery operations in real time, and to make decisions based on the latest information.

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Improve process quality and performance

Using Big data analytics and real-time data collection, managers can plan ahead for demand and delivery efforts, schedule and optimize transportation routes, improve the number of orders arriving on time, and minimize the cost of returns, knowing that problems can be addressed and resolved as they arise.

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