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Use data to answer the "hard" market questions that will lead you to better, more precise business strategies.

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One thing is for sure: You are looking for more than just a "market research"

Whether your company is in a heavy primary industry, light industry, or hi-tech manufacturing, more than just market research, you seek valuable insights on what actions to take, how to take them, where to do so, and when to do it, correct? Well, this requires going beyond traditional research methods.


Answer Key Questions Like...

What business opportunities are we missing out on?
What is the market share of my competition?
How can we improve our supply chain visibility?
How can we improve our logistics and distribution channels?
Is my new product launch going to have the expected results?

What is the problem with most US research agencies?

You see, traditional B2B market research companies have three main issues with their research services:

Sources of information. Whether it is quantitative or qualitative research, most market agencies use limited traditional sources of information. Why? Because getting a wider  vision using alternative data involves specialized tools and professional data scientists (And that can be expensive for them).  

Small samples. Traditional research often struggles to accurately represent target audiences due to limited access to representative sample sizes. Even thousands of surveys can fail to portray a wide range market. The problem? You can be overlooking a comprehensive understanding of your customer views.

Interpretation biases. Even when a qualified team handles market research, more often than not, they add their own data interpretations into the process. The problem? You might make wrong decisions about a market opportunity due to incorrect data interpretations and results.

Forget about surveys and focus groups

Unlike commercial studies, industry market studies represent a more significant challenge since some critical information is not easily accessible. Therefore, beyond surveys, interviews, and focus groups, it is also necessary to add other sources of information (Like mobility data, geospatial information, trip data, logistics provider data, ESG, consumption patterns, cargo data, and data of imports and exports).

Our Big Data methodology moves away from “pre-built” solutions to focus on your information needs. We offer you personalized approaches, including industrial and commercial activity measuring, due diligence analysis, fundamental analysis, usage-based insurance exploration, predictive maintenance models, fleet and traffic management data, and more:

Market Analysis, Insights & Trends

Identify market opportunities and threats, analyze your positioning against competitors, and explore new markets.

Competitor Analysis & Insights

Analyze industrial facilities, their connections with other locations, and movement patterns between them for a non-traditional competitive analysis.

Client Analysis & User Insights

Identify relevant changes in your users’ behavior and attract more potential customers.

Competitor Insights

Understand your competitors’ business ecosystem (Including private and public connections), facility monitoring to detect disruptions, sales estimates, insights about warehouses, distribution centers, logistics centers, and more.

Sales Forecast

Use advanced predictive models to enhance sales forecasting across the country, in specific regions, and locally.

Product Analysis

Confirm the success of your product strategy by predicting performance and choosing the right action plan.

Trade Area Analysis

Analyze specific areas and monitor all the business, industrial and commercial activities within. This includes possible clients, competitors and partners.

Site Selection

Find ideal locations for your site selection, expansion, consolidation, monitoring and performance strategies.

Supply Chain Monitoring

Visualize and map an entire supply chain nationwide and statewide within the United States (Including Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Fulfillment Centers, and Logistics Centers).

Channels Tracking & Evaluation

Evaluate your existing operative, logistic, marketing and sales channels and define the most optimal ones (We analyze complex channels such as convenience stores and warehouses clubs).

Consumption Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of the essential elements that drive your consumers to purchase and acquire products. Compare your performance to other relevant players in your industry.

Market Viability

Analyze the viability of your project or strategy before making any major investment.

How a leading manufacturer identified new competitors and customers

Learn how a specialized materials manufacturer found the best way to analyze competitors and identify business opportunities in unexplored markets.

Get a competitive advantage

Are you looking for customer research, competitor analysis, market sizing study, economic insights, risk analysis, or specific market research? We provide valuable information from reliable sources to show you the whole picture (Regardless of your data needs or industry).

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