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Use data to answer the "hard" market questions that will lead you to better, more precise business strategies.

One thing is for sure: You are looking for more than just a "market research"

More than just market research, you seek valuable insights on what actions to take, how to take them, where to do so, and when to do it, correct? Well, this requires going beyond traditional research methods.

What is the problem with most US research agencies?

You see, traditional B2B market research companies have three main issues with their research services:

Sources of information. Whether it is quantitative or qualitative research, most market agencies use limited traditional sources of information. Why? Because getting a wider  vision using alternative data involves specialized tools and professional data scientists (And that can be expensive for them).  

Small samples. Traditional research often struggles to accurately represent target audiences due to limited access to representative sample sizes. Even thousands of surveys can fail to portray a wide range market. The problem? You can be overlooking a comprehensive understanding of your customer views.

Interpretation biases. Even when a qualified team handles market research, more often than not, they add their own data interpretations into the process. The problem? You might make wrong decisions about a market opportunity due to incorrect data interpretations and results.

Why use Big Data for B2B market research?

A Data-Driven B2B market research offers a multitude of advantages. Foremost, it allows companies to make more accurate and informed decisions by providing deep insights based on massive datasets.

Forget about surveys and focus groups

Are you looking for customer research, competitor analysis, market sizing study, economic insights, risk analysis, or specific market research? We provide valuable information from reliable sources to show you the whole picture (Regardless of your data needs or industry).

Identify market trends

Identify patterns and trends in your industry that traditional research methods might miss due to their limited scope.

Sources of information

Get a complete market vision. We use dedicated non-traditional sources like location & sensor data, POIs, corporate governance insights, and mobility info., among others.

No risk of biases

Reduce the risk of bias or subjectivity and get reliable results with our unique  research approach.
B2B Market Research example with Big Data

While traditional market research decreases its market share, technology-driven analysis and consulting continue growing.

Learn how Worldwide companies are taking a data-driven approach

From improving customer experience systems and analyzing the success of a new launching strategy to optimizing logistic and buying processes, at PREDIK Data-Driven, we have developed tailor-made solutions for all kinds of US companies.


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