Big Data to Infer Relationships between Companies

By analyzing the large volumes of anonymous data generated by mobile devices, it is possible to establish whether a distribution center has a commercial relationship with other logistics complexes, and even with establishments that serve the end consumer.

Using the most advanced Big Data tools, it is possible to understand the behavior of the supply chains of companies in the retail sector, since by monitoring delivery parts and counting mutual visits between suppliers and vendors, it is possible to identify and establish which are the most important relationships between distribution centers and points of sale to the end consumer, such as stores.

In order to identify the most important relationships between supply chains and points of sale, the first step is to define the coordinates of the distribution centers and then locate them on a map so that multiple records can be geographically pinpointed.

Thanks to the location data from mobile devices, which is anonymous, we define the number of devices that visited a distribution center or a store in a logical time span.

The records that cell phones generate at every moment allow us to make increasingly accurate estimates of the levels of traffic received by a logistics complex and then analyze its relationships with commercial establishments in the area and other distribution centers.

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PREDIK Data-Driven conducted a study analyzing the commercial relationships between Walmart distribution centers, commercial establishments and other logistics complexes.

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The study was conducted in the state of Florida, U.S.A., a territory that was divided into five zones, being central, northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. This division corresponds to the identification of the location of Walmart’s distribution centers.

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Details of some of the main findings:

-It was established that Publix, which is one of the largest drugstore and supermarket chains in the U.S., has a strong relationship with Walmart distribution centers located in the Northeast and Midwest.

-The southeast distribution center has a significant business relationship with the Sam’s Club chain of stores.

-In the case of the southwest distribution center, a strong relationship was identified with the ALDI Distribution Center logistics complex.

-The analysis conducted indicates that the Walmart distribution center located in the northwest is related to the Shamrock’s Ale House restaurant chain.

This is just a fragment of an enterprise solution, which can be more detailed and deeper, as it is possible to combine the anonymous records generated by mobile devices with other types of complementary information.

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