Location Analytics Tools Unlocking Value

Geomarketing allows businesses to find location-specific content. This content is tailored according to one region or location. Businesses can use geomarketing analytics tools to find valuable information and insights that help them create ads. All marketing and advertisement based on geomarketing analytics tools benefit the businesses’ location-specific marketing goals.  

Location analytics is a tool whose relevance has been increasing in the decision making process of companies. In order to implement strategic plans, it´ss important to have access to accurate information on the areas of influence of investments.

Combining geo-referenced customer and point-of-sale information allows decision-makers to analyze the context of specific locations and draw conclusions based on near real-time information. This, at the same time, decreases the likelihood of misapplying a business strategy.

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Studying the characteristics and locations of customers and segmenting them, analyzing the most profitable points of sale in terms of characteristics and targeting, and examining the competition and their environment, can be done by using geomarketing tools.

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It is also possible to analyze the commercial environment of any area of interest. For example, with details on the number of establishments by sector, names and location. Also with information on real estate supply and vehicular flow in the area of interest.

For example, increasing the effectiveness of product activation campaigns, defining the expansion plan and establishing the best locations, as well as setting up distribution and routing plans, are other objectives that can be achieved with geo marketing techniques.

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