Why the Food Industry Needs a Data-Driven Approach

Food industry

Data-driven organizations have shown more annual growth, profitability, and ability to acquire and retain new customers. For quick and responsible decision-making, companies need to rely on available data and be confident in their decisions. Maximum data visibility is a key business strategy many successful industry leaders are now targeting. For the food and beverage industry, data-driven […]

The Importance of Competitor Analysis & How Geolocation Tools Can Help

Geolocation technology for competitor analysis

How well do you think you understand the market and your competitors? If they start working on a new product or service, will you know? What are their strategies for success? If you don’t have the answer to these questions, it may be time to conduct a competitor analysis. If you conduct a competitor analysis, […]

3 Reasons Mapping Software is Essential for Sales Territory

a map with specific areas highlighted

Territory mapping tools are crucial big data analytics tools needed to facilitate greater collaboration between sales managers and representatives. They help improve sales efficiency and enable increased profits. Why should you use mapping software for sales territory? Let’s find out. Improved Data Visualization Collecting data isn’t going to help you much if you don’t use the […]

Benefits of Using Big Data in Supply Chain Management

a concept representing supply chain management

Big data analytics is fundamental for a business’s supply chain management processes. Business owners across diverse industries rely on supply chain analytics using big data to identify, predict, and resolve several strategic and operational pain points. Why should you use big data analytics solutions for your supply chain activities? Let’s take a look. Greater Collaboration with the Supply Chain […]

3 Important Types of Customer Analytics and How to Use Them

Customer Analytics data

Do you know what your customers want? What makes them tick? These might sound like simple questions. However, not all businesses are well-versed in what their customer wants. If you use customer analytics software, you can understand customer behavior. In today’s digital world, customers have a lot of information. They are selective, and they do thorough […]

What is Supply Chain Visibility, and Why is It Important?

Supply chain visibility tool

The global supply chain is growing more complex by the day. New businesses are offering various products and services, making supply chain visibility a necessity. If supply chains aren’t managed properly, things can become extremely chaotic. With the rise of E-Commerce websites like Amazon and other advanced technologies, businesses have been able to streamline their operations. The current […]

Big Data Analytics: What It Is & How It Works

The complete guide to understand Big Data

Big Data is the immense volume of structured and unstructured data that floods a business daily. But it is not the quantity that matters, but what organizations can do with all this data.  The importance of Big Data relays on its ability to obtain high-value insights. Before learning everything about Big Data, here are some […]

Big Data Analysis for Fast Food Chains (Case Study)

Predictive models and location analytics are two main tools offered by Big Data analysis. Fast food or QSR chains use them to improve their decision-making process in their expansion strategies. These tools are also crucial for a better market understanding and detection of new business opportunities. We’ll dig into a real case where a client […]

Mobility Analysis: Helping retail stores with today’s challenges

Analisis de movilidad estudio Elektra Coppel Predik Data

Consumer preferences are constantly changing. From purchase behavior to new competitors, companies must pay attention to the conduct of their customers to identify new opportunities and possible threats.This situation has become especially important for retail companies. According to recent studies, buyers are migrating to online platforms and becoming more omnichannel, increasing the challenges for retailers […]