Optimize Your Finance & Accounting landscape with Intelligent Automation

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Let’s be honest; accounting and finance procedures are complex. They’re labor-intensive and time-consuming, and the slightest of mishaps could lead to severe consequences. Intelligent automation aims to ease things and optimize the financial landscape by: It helps financial institutes achieve net outcomes more efficiently, minimizing human involvement. According to a recent study, approximately 45% of […]

What business problems can be solved with alternative data?

Alternative data is a simple concept that provides valuable and flexible information beyond that offered by traditional data, mostly used in the financial world to evaluate a business or investment outside the scope of traditional data sources. The accelerating generation of alternative data obtained through emails, social media, satellites, financial reports, geolocation, among other sources, […]

Foot Traffic Data: How To Increase Sales On Your Physical Stores?

What is foot traffic and how to use it?

Foot traffic is a vital pulse check for businesses, reflecting their performance and growth potential in an ever-changing landscape. Businesses must comprehend and analyze foot traffic to entice customers and strengthen sales to stay competitive. This article dives into the essence of foot traffic, its significance for different types of businesses, and practical strategies to […]

Which type of alternative data is beneficial for investors?

Investment management firms leverage alternative data to identify patterns and gain unique insights into investment products. Hedge funds were among the first to take advantage of data analytics technologies and big data, followed closely by corporate venture capital managers, data from non-traditional sources and services to base decision making on useful data. These same companies […]

Alternative Data: The Ultimate Guide For Businesses

Alternative data guide

Alternative data refers to unconventional, non-traditional data sources that provide strategic insights. Unlike traditional sources, it uncovers hidden trends and patterns often missed by standard data analysis. How has alternative data transformed business intelligence? Historically, businesses and hedge funds used only traditional data to make decisions. However, the last decade has seen an exciting shift […]

POI Analytics: Vega City Mall Bangalore

By applying POI analytics through spatial data, shopping centers can measure foot traffic and understand consumer behavioral patterns. Leaders use these techniques to make more efficient and concise decisions that generate greater profitability by maximizing revenue and optimizing costs. Case Study: POI Analysis of Vega City Mall in Bangalore, India At PREDIK Data-Driven we conducted a […]

Foot traffic analytics in Madrid

Heat maps are used by any business sector to identify foot traffic and vehicular mobility patterns in an area or point of interest, as their visualization presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense. Heat maps can be used to identify foot traffic patterns from a country-level scale to a more […]

How to determine audiences with artificial intelligence?

Determine Audiences Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Understanding your target audience is more crucial than ever for almost all businesses. Accurate audience targeting gives businesses an advantage. It can create more relevant offers that appeal to customers. This leads to higher conversions and better return on investment. How AI Transforms the Landscape of Audience Targeting Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have revolutionized […]

Foot traffic Analytics in Department Stores

Location intelligence and foot traffic analytics are transforming the way retail strategies are defined, and department stores are no exception. The correlation between foot traffic, sales, and the success of department stores have been studied and proven, so the development of this type of analysis has become a priority in the site selection process and […]

Top 5 Benefits from implementing heat maps in businesses

The heat map is one of the most useful and powerful data analysis tools in business intelligence. It provides a visualization feature that presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense by assigning a different size and color. New geographic information systems (GIS) allow us to see our complex world in […]