Big Data in Marketing: How to Get Better Consumer Insights?

Big Data in Marketing: Role, Applications and Benefits

Data has always played an essential role in sales and marketing. That is why Big Data has quickly changed the landscape for modern marketers. With the birth of powerful Machine Learning tools, IA, and NLP techniques, businesses can get deeper understanding of their customer needs and preferences.  Whether it’s cloud-based data or real-time consumer behavior data, it […]

How Does Location Intelligence Work & Why Do You Need It?

How Location Intelligence Work?

Location Intelligence (LI) is a powerful tool that enables data-driven decisions. LI combines GIS, a wide range of geospatial data, artificial intelligence and BI. This is how it allows companies to understand their customers’ locations and interactions. Imagine understanding your customers’ locations and behaviors, identifying new market opportunities, and optimizing your supply chain operations. From […]

Why the Food Industry Needs a Data-Driven Approach

Food industry

Data-driven organizations have shown more annual growth, profitability, and ability to acquire and retain new customers. For quick and responsible decision-making, companies need to rely on available data and be confident in their decisions. Maximum data visibility is a key business strategy many successful industry leaders are now targeting. For the food and beverage industry, data-driven […]

The Importance of Competitor Analysis & How Geolocation Tools Can Help

Geolocation technology for competitor analysis

How well do you think you understand the market and your competitors? If they start working on a new product or service, will you know? What are their strategies for success? If you don’t have the answer to these questions, it may be time to conduct a competitor analysis. If you conduct a competitor analysis, […]

The 4 Benefits of Geolocation Technology for Industries

GPS on smartphone

If you have a phone, you might have used the in-built GPS when driving. It’s a pretty accurate tool that many people rely upon. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have used some sort of location services to navigate through an area. Just like the GPS in your car, certain geolocation intelligence tools can […]

The Impact of Data Science on the Energy Industry

big data analytics

Over the last few years, big data has become central to the energy sector. The energy industry employs data scientists to help reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and promote sustainability. Data analytics is used to identify ways to improve efficiency and make the industry more sustainable. Doing so helps reduce costs, optimize decision-making and investments, […]

Helping US Manufacturers Uncover Blind Spots with Competitive Intelligence Tools

PREDIK Data-Driven works with industries to find relevant insights about competitors & customers with a unique geolocation approach, using alternative data. CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA, US, November 10, 2022 / — Location technologies and alternative data have been rapidly transforming the digital landscape. Many industries are getting benefits from this transformation. With new and innovative solutions […]

How Data Science is Used in Every Step of the Automotive Lifecycle

data science tools

As one of the most dynamic industries, the automotive industry is responsible for creating safer and more efficient vehicles. This means using a data-driven approach to find more effective mobility solutions and improve the automotive lifecycle.  Here’s how big data analytics contributes to the process. Stage One: Product Development Before a vehicle takes its final form […]

Optimize Your Finance & Accounting landscape with Intelligent Automation

data analytics tools

Let’s be honest; accounting and finance procedures are complex. They’re labor-intensive and time-consuming, and the slightest of mishaps could lead to severe consequences. Intelligent automation aims to ease things and optimize the financial landscape by: It helps financial institutes achieve net outcomes more efficiently, minimizing human involvement. According to a recent study, approximately 45% of […]