The 4 Benefits of Geolocation Technology for Industries

GPS on smartphone

If you have a phone, you might have used the in-built GPS when driving. It’s a pretty accurate tool that many people rely upon. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have used some sort of location services to navigate through an area. Just like the GPS in your car, certain geolocation intelligence tools can […]

Trade Area Analysis For Industries and Manufacturers

location analysis

Trade areas refer to geographic locations that attract visitors and vendors. Trade area analysis (TAA) consists of sizing up these geographic locations to determine if they offer profitable growth opportunities for businesses in those areas. Think of trade area analysis as a way to better understand trade activity at a particular location. For instance, it helps […]

Due-Diligence and Risk Assessment in Supply Chain Management

supply chain mapping software

Effective risk management and due diligence should be the top priority for any top organization. Supply chain management has become crucial to companies’ overall risk management process. Supply chains are complex and long, and many third parties are involved. A large supply chain means more risks ranging from legal, reputational, and regulatory to logistical and cybersecurity. […]

How Data Science Solves Real Business Problems

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Data science is often viewed as an overload of statistical information about specific fields or topics. While it certainly combines mathematical concepts and analytical tools, it’s also an effective resource for solving business problems. Business owners can apply the latest data science techniques and tools to gain valuable insights, make better decisions, and predict future […]

Mapping markets & supply chains: Helping Food Companies in 2022

big data mapping tool food industry

Raw materials´ scarcity, labor shortage, and rising prices; the food industry is facing big problems, and things are getting worse. That’s why each company involved in the supply chain (from suppliers to distributors and vendors) needs to have an outstanding control of their downstream and upstream operations.  Why is market mapping important for the food […]

The Potential of Predictive Analytics in Site Selection

commercial buildings.

Data science is unlocking new opportunities for businesses across the globe. The potential of data science tools such as predictive analytics models, Big Data, market mapping, geospatial data, and location intelligence analytics is proving to be a revelation within industries. The commercial real estate industry is undergoing a huge transformation as businesses increasingly seek to implement location […]

Mobility Analysis: Helping retail stores with today’s challenges

Analisis de movilidad estudio Elektra Coppel Predik Data

Consumer preferences are constantly changing. From purchase behavior to new competitors, companies must pay attention to the conduct of their customers to identify new opportunities and possible threats.This situation has become especially important for retail companies. According to recent studies, buyers are migrating to online platforms and becoming more omnichannel, increasing the challenges for retailers […]

Types of Supply Chain Analytics & why is important?

Supply chain analytics is one of the most important parts of managing any company that produces and markets products. The data obtained by supply chain analytics is key to the success of an organization. In an ideal situation, companies can carry out their operations with the exact number of supplies and without interruptions. This scenario […]

Supply Chain analytics and inter-company relationships

Nowadays, industries can obtain a comprehensive and detailed view of all types of relationships that companies have in a given area, and visualize all the hidden tiers that are part of any supply chain, thanks to Big Data techniques.  With Big Data techniques, it is now possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the logistical, […]

How to map the supply chain with Big Data?

Supply chain mapping brings companies strong and trusted relationships with suppliers, leading to better business results. The ability to use Big Data in supply chain mapping allows businesses to automatically perform supply chain assessments, storing supplier information throughout the process to reduce operation fatigue in the future. By combining it with location analytics, you can […]