Big Data in Marketing: How to Get Better Consumer Insights?

Big Data in Marketing: Role, Applications and Benefits

Data has always played an essential role in sales and marketing. That is why Big Data has quickly changed the landscape for modern marketers. With the birth of powerful Machine Learning tools, IA, and NLP techniques, businesses can get deeper understanding of their customer needs and preferences.  Whether it’s cloud-based data or real-time consumer behavior data, it […]

How Does Location Intelligence Work & Why Do You Need It?

How Location Intelligence Work?

Location Intelligence (LI) is a powerful tool that enables data-driven decisions. LI combines GIS, a wide range of geospatial data, artificial intelligence and BI. This is how it allows companies to understand their customers’ locations and interactions. Imagine understanding your customers’ locations and behaviors, identifying new market opportunities, and optimizing your supply chain operations. From […]

How Data Science is Used in Every Step of the Automotive Lifecycle

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As one of the most dynamic industries, the automotive industry is responsible for creating safer and more efficient vehicles. This means using a data-driven approach to find more effective mobility solutions and improve the automotive lifecycle.  Here’s how big data analytics contributes to the process. Stage One: Product Development Before a vehicle takes its final form […]

Roadmap to Successful Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain Industry

supply chain mapping

According to a Gartner survey, 61% of people believe that utilizing the latest technologies is critical to gaining a competitive advantage in supply chains and that emerging technologies should be invested in. Supply chain management includes managing assets and helping in decision-making. Technology can change the future of the supply chain, and in this guide, we’ll go over it in detail. For […]

What is GIS Mapping? & How Can Businesses Use It?

GIS Mapping guide

GIS, “Geographic Information System,” allows you to interpret and analyze location data more efficiently and faster.  Erick Macías, our data scientist, defines GIS as a system that processes and models large volumes of real-world information to generate visual tools. These tools help you understand demographic, economic, and market phenomena, leading to more effective decision-making. GIS […]

Big Data Analysis for Fast Food Chains (Case Study)

Predictive models and location analytics are two main tools offered by Big Data analysis. Fast food or QSR chains use them to improve their decision-making process in their expansion strategies. These tools are also crucial for a better market understanding and detection of new business opportunities. We’ll dig into a real case where a client […]

How to Use Market Intelligence for Your Small Business

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Keeping a close eye on your competitors and the general market environment is crucial when creating sustainable strategies to drive business growth. The information collected from the industry has been termed market intelligence. This aspect has grown over the last few years and includes location analytics, predictive analytics models, and more. Currently, market intelligence uses multiple sources of […]

How to Choose the Best Data Analytics Company for your Business Needs?

In today’s business landscape, data analytics has become essential for companies who want to stay ahead of the game. For many companies, it is the backbone for creating effective strategies that promote operational efficiency, customer engagement, and financial profitability. As a result, it’s no wonder that it has become a cornerstone of business intelligence and […]