Customer Analytics: What Is It? How to Use It? What Are Its Benefits?

Customer Analytics Guide

There has been a significant shift in consumer habits and expectations when it comes to brand experience. Customers demand immediate results, have higher expectations, want companies to anticipate their needs, and crave hyper-personalized attention. The market’s demand for fast and high-quality service has put a lot of pressure on many organizations. According to Zendesk’s CX […]

Retail Site Selection Guide: Using Big Data For Better Strategies

Retail site selection guide cover image

Forrester predicts that by 2024, 70% of retail transactions will occur in physical stores. This means that despite the growth of e-commerce, the importance of having a good physical location will remain relevant for retailers and brick-and-mortar brands. In other words, the “location, location, location” mantra will still be applicable. In this article we will […]

Data Analytics: Trends to Pay Attention in 2024

Data Analytics Trends for 2024

Last year was definitely exciting for data adoption and consumption. With an estimated compound annual growth rate of nearly 30%, 2023 followed the ongoing trend of organizations opting for data-driven insights rather than intuition. The following analysis was done in collaboration with Lucy Kelly, Research and Product Marketing Manager at Datarade. Datarade Marketplace allows users […]

How Does a Data-Driven Intelligence Approach Empower Your Organization? 

Data driven intelligence cover

Most organizations agree in something: Data has become one of the most valuable assets when growing a company.  In a business panorama where BI goes beyond mere intuition, internal knowledge, and assumptions based on expertise, a data-driven approach has come to add accuracy, timing, and relevancy to the equation.  Now, most companies struggle to extract […]

Can you rely on your data? Let’s Talk About Data Reliability

Data reliability guide cover image

Even though most companies recognize the importance of data to their organizational and business success, more than 90% confirm facing challenges in using their data effectively.  One of the main issues is data reliability. A recent survey revealed that only 36% of companies truly trust their data when making crucial business decisions. To make matters […]

Funding Data: The Hidden Code of Financial Success

Funding data guide

A company’s current and past funding data are key indicators of its financial health and the overall company potential. So successful companies nowadays rely on company funding data, which is the ideal source for powering a business and earning a competitive advantage.  In this article we will cover: How funding data influences financial decisions Funding data […]

Understanding Competitive Data: Benefits, Uses and Sources

competitive data guide

Knowing your competitors is crucial to staying ahead in the market. Competitive data contains all relevant information about your competition, including their products, services, pricing, marketing strategies, and operations.  In this article we will cover: The way companies collect and use data has changed Gathering information about competitors and using it to gain a market […]

Retail Analytics Guide: Benefits, Types & Examples

Retail Analytics complete guide

Retail analytics involves leveraging data and analytical techniques to enhance the performance of retail businesses. It consists of gathering, cleaning, and analyzing data from various sources such as sales, inventory, customer, and market data.  In this article we will cover the following topics: Why Is Retail Analytics So Important? Retail analytics has eliminated guesswork in […]

Does Your Company Need Real-Time Data Analytics?

Real Time Data Analytics: Does your company needs it?

Real-time analytics and insights are often cited as one of the main advantages of Big Data. Real-time data has become a buzzword among data blogs, implying that companies not using it are missing out on a significant portion of the potential benefits in a data-driven era. The premise is appealing. Real-time data can help organizations […]

Predictive Analytics for Risk Management: Uses, Types & Benefits

predictive analytics for risk management

Risk management has become increasingly important in today’s rapidly changing business landscape; however, many companies face significant challenges like: “64% of risk managers say that the complexity of risks has increased in the past year.” Deloitte We recommend you reading: Big Data for Effective Supply Risk Assessment Using predictive analytics can assist companies in overcoming […]