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Competitive Intelligence Approach with Big Data and Machine Learning

Enriched Data Intelligence

Understand an entire market, from competitors, consumers, and products. Our Market Intelligence data bring you key insights from different angles, which can be enriched with advanced Machine Learning technology:

  • Companies & Industries Analysis
  • Costumer Understanding
  • Competitor Analysis
  • NAICS Insights
  • Geographic Areas Evaluation (States, cities, specific areas, facilities, and more).


Competitive Intelligence Tools: Supply Chain Mapping Tool

Due Diligence

Our CI solution allows companies to do proper due diligence on a target company. Our data provide the required panorama to evaluate a company’s cross-company relations to decide whether or not to proceed with an acquisition.

Answer key questions about any company:

  • As a supplier’s relationship with other companies a threat?
  • Are their current suppliers the best choice, or do you have other options?
  • What factors are affecting their prices and operations?
  • What companies within the supply chain could generate problems in the future? Which ones are causing trouble right now? How much is it costing?
Risk Assessment using Competitive Intelligence with Big Data, Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Risk Assessment

Our CI approach allows you to anticipate potential disruptions by understanding behavior in all the supply chain tiers.

Using inter-company data and a geolocation approach, we can detect and measure relations between companies and facilities in the US.

  • Anticipate and prevent possible disruptions in all the tiers of the supply chain.
  • Track assets’ movements between facilities.
  • Optimizeyour asset recovery strategies.
Supply Chain Analysis using Competitive Intelligence with Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Supply Chain Analysis

Our advanced Geolocation approach allows you to visualize and map an entire supply chain network.

We use in-depth data exploration to identify and infer relationships and connections between specific companies, facilities, and sectors/industries.

  • Trace products in any distribution or supply chain.
  • Analyze competitors’ business connections.
  • Forecast consumer demand.
  • Obtain correlation analytics and disruption analysis.
  • Analyze illicit networks and track illegal use of corporate assets.
  • Optimize supply chain risk management.
  • Identify of second and third-tier suppliers.

Data & Insights Discovery

Our relationship identifiers algorithms generate data matrix networks that uncover new and unnoticed insights within a specific market, consumer segment, competitors’ influence, logistics shifts, and more.

  • Identify unnoticed market opportunities.
  • Discover locations with specific criteria.
  • Understand consumer patterns and shifts.
  • Detect competitor patterns & influence.
  • Identify new business relationship & partners.

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