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A strong group of data scientists, engineers, economists and developers make up the company’s team. From business analysts with extensive expertise in various productive sectors, to data scientists who are experts in the latest technologies available, including systems engineers who provide support in the technological areas of the company. Combining these disciplines, together with the company’s track record and its main partners, is the main factor of success for the company in terms of market research and modeling. Learn more about our team here.

Andrés Cobas
Director of Intelligence and Founding Partner

Graduated in Business Administration and Systems Engineering, over 15 years of experience in developing business intelligence solutions for large international companies. Solid training and experience in data science.

Agustina Cobas
Director of Contents and Partner

She has a degree in Business Administration, specializing in Banking and Finance, and more than 15 years of experience in the business communication and marketing sector, specializing in business, economics and finance.

Sofía Cobas
Director and Partner

Degree in Business Administration, with specialization in international markets. More than twelve years of experience in Market Intelligence and B2B Data Analysis.

Luisa López
Operations Manager

Industrial Engineer and Master in Business Administration, with more than 9 years of experience in project management, both in local and international companies.

Juan Pablo Vásquez
Commercial Coordinator

Master in Business Administration, with extensive experience in market analysis and research and in the development of growth, marketing and marketing strategies in Central America, both in the retail and industrial sectors. Over 15 years of business experience in various fields.

José Luis Cárdenas
Technology Coordinator

Development engineer with over 12 years of experience in web and mobile architecture design and cloud architecture implementation. Extensive knowledge in virtualization in VirtualBox, Docker, programming experience in PHP, Java, Javascript, Python.

Arantza Mirandona
Senior Account Executive

Master in Business Administration, more than twelve years of experience in commercial departments, deep knowledge of commercial management of Commercial Intelligence services and products for international companies. Special attention to business information needs in the pharmaceutical, agro-industrial, and logistics sectors, among others.

Erick Macías
Senior Data Analyst

Economist with extensive experience in data science applied to business and market research. Profound knowledge in data analysis for the pharmaceutical industry.

Wendy Marín
Senior Market Analyst

Industrial Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in multinational market research companies such as Nielsen and Dichter & Neira. Experience in mass consumption markets and in the development of qualitative performance studies.

Roberto Rivas
Senior Data Analyst

Specialist in computer engineering, with experience in programming and computer science applied to the development of business intelligence solutions. More than 17 years of experience in the handling and analysis of large volumes of information.

Nayib Ahued
Data Scientist

Engineer with vast experience in data mining and analysis in the industrial sector. Great capacity to carry out forecasting models based on predictive algorithms. Deep knowledge of visualization tools, statistics, Python, MySQL, Scala, Java and Machine Learning techniques, among others.

Jorge Márquez
Data Scientist

Computer Technology Engineer, with knowledge in database extractions using SQL, creating specific reports needed for daily strategic decision making, creating visualization panels that help to understand trends and data behavior.

Mariana Morales
Data Analyst

Graduated in Applied Mathematics, with academic merit. Mariana has extensive knowledge of Python, SQL, Java, Latex, MatLab, and Power BI, as well as experience in modeling and data analysis.

John Salcedo
R&D Engineer

Systems Engineer and Master in Project Management, with knowledge in AWS, JME, Android, JAVA, SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, among others. Modeling of Information Systems using UML standards, design and configuration of networks, extensive knowledge in Large Data Management and Web Applications.

Patricia Guidos
Data Analyst

Degree in Economics, vast experience in economic analysis and in-depth knowledge of the most relevant statistics and information sources in the construction industry.

Rodrigo Morales
Data Analyst

Degree in Applied Mathematics, with knowledge in R, Python, SQL, SAS, C#, Html, Java, SQL and experience in modeling, data analysis, data mining and business intelligence.

Oscar Baños del Carmen
Pharmaceutical Data Analyst

Degree in Economics, specialized in the capture, processing and statistical analysis of public purchases of medicines and pharmaceutical products, experience in visualization design in Tableau.

Gabriel Correa
Data Analyst

Systems Engineer, specialized in the use of management and visualization tools to handle large volumes of data, as well as knowledge in technology and software for the development of mathematical, statistical models and machine learning techniques.

Jorge Sánchez
Marketing & Sales

Degree in Marketing, experience in advertising, communication and marketing, with a clear focus on customer service. Knowledge and management of digital marketing tools.

Johan Collina
Chief Financial Officer

Degree in Banking and Finance with over 17 years of experience in accounting, finance and treasury management. Knowledge in audits, internal administrative control processes and human resources management tools.

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