Real Estate Data Analytics

At PREDIK Data-Driven we apply data science techniques to improve real estate location decisions, using analytics and predictive models to obtain the most possible insights of the currente and future performance in any given specific location, area or city. With geospatial data methodologies combined with other sources of information related to the real estate market, we provide our customers with a wide and objective perspective that helps them to make better investment and business decisions.

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By combining land data and maps, there are different types of analysis that help professionals and their clients to better understand the market and the factors that affect it, improve real estate predictions, find a desired location and observe the changes that occur there over time, and so on.

  • Price studies per area and analysis of the surroundings of a property.
  • Comprehensive solutions with interactive maps of floating population, mobility and residential and commercial real estate inventory.
  • Area suitability assessment studies and sales forecasting models.
  • Segmented analysis by market: residential, commercial, industrial.
  • Information to evaluate purchase potential: Inventory, sales, absorption rates, and buyer preferences.
  • Feasibility evaluation through demand modeling according to price per m².

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