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Satellite Images for Decision Making

With the technologies available it is possible to use satellite photos to detect types of surfaces and roofs, objects, land use and variance in farmland, and then analyze the results and transform them into useful data for business decision making. In the past, it was possible to establish whether an area was industrial, commercial, residential […]

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New Products and Brands: How to Determine their Acceptance?

Using advanced technology applied to the extraction and processing of large volumes of data, it is possible to obtain the necessary information to evaluate whether a new product, service or brand will be accepted when it begins to compete in a specific market. Companies that intend to compete in a new market always ask themselves […]

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Supermarkets: How to Measure the Location Potential?

Finding out how many people live in the surroundings of the establishment, their income levels, their ages and their tastes and interests, is fundamental information to measure the potential of a supermarket’s location. Using the Geomarketing solutions we have developed for our clients, PREDIK Data-Driven‘s Business Intelligence team analyzed the environment of some of the main supermarket locations operating […]

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Business Intelligence: Data as Maps

The large volumes of information that are generated at every moment in the digital environment allow transforming data into maps, tools that serve for the development of Business Intelligence solutions that are used by business leaders in all sectors. After associating spatial or geographic information with phenomena that decision makers are interested in knowing and […]

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Pharmaceutical Products: Institutional Market in 2020

By means of adequate methodologies for the analysis of large volumes of data that are generated in the public procurement portals of Central American countries, it is possible to estimate the size of the institutional market for pharmaceutical products and identify the main competitors. Agencia Farmaceutica S.A., Corporacion Impa Doel S.A., Hispomedica SRL and Cefa […]

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Words as Data and Business Intelligence

Thanks to the digitalization of writing and the rise of Internet searches and interactions, words have become very valuable inputs for statistical models and algorithms that allow inferring and reaching very precise conclusions about consumer behavior, among other uses. Today, language has become the subject of big data analysis. Since the links used by Google […]

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The Age of Smart Packaging

The use of unique codes that can be scanned with a mobile device, so that consumers know all the product information and companies interact with their customers, are part of the innovations that some packages already have. Currently, consumer interest in products that are manufactured with environmental and social responsibility has grown. More and more customers want […]

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Big Data, Business and the Future

The ability to identify and understand hidden patterns and correlations in large volumes of data and use them to make business decisions is becoming a strategic competition for companies for the future. Machine learning and statistical analysis are some of the most popular techniques used today in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Automatic learning is the […]

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