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What is your current data Maturity level?

Data has proven to be a competitive differentiator in different business sectors. The performance of any organization is highly correlated to the maturity of its data, so it’s important to know where you are in this process. What is Data Maturity? Data maturity is a measure used to determine where a company’s data quality, structure, […]

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POI Analysis and Characterization

Through location analytics, it’s possible to identify a place of interest and establish its exact location, helping companies to understand what’s happening around a specific place to make better strategic decisions. Any business sector can leverage location analytics based on points of interest (POI) in a convenient way to characterize and analyze points of sale(POS), bringing special […]

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Big Data to Estimate Competitors’ Turnover and Revenue

A competitive analysis begins by defining the target and its scope, exploiting different sets of structured and unstructured data available thanks to innovative tools that help to identify and measure competing brands and estimate their sales. With Big Data tools that help analyze large volumes of information like predictive models, location intelligence and mobility data, it’s possible to […]

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Data Monetization: What Every Company Should Know

The process of data monetization, a concept that until recently was present only in conversations between technology experts, is now one of the recurring topics in strategic meetings at the management level in companies. What is Data Monetization?The concept of data monetization refers to the process of extracting, cleaning and analyzing the millions of data […]

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Business Strategy: How to Leverage Location Analytics?

Location analytics improves decision making, defines and implements better strategic plans by combining georeferencing information of customers and points of sale. Location analytics is a tool whose relevance has been increasing in the decision making process of companies, because in order to define and implement strategic plans, it is important to have access to accurate information […]

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