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Retail Analytics: Should we open new stores?

Data science now generates strategic solutions that help retailers identify optimal potential locations for expansion by assessing the market potential of areas of interest for new store openings. Applying footfall analytics and location intelligence based on spatial data, retailers can perform analyses that identify areas or points of interest by analyzing the concentration of people, identifying […]

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Coffee Shops: Site Location Using Mobility Analytics

Mobility analytics and location intelligence allow you to select the ideal location for opening a restaurant or coffee shop. Have you ever wondered what your favorite coffee shop does to offer you a unique experience? With location intelligence solutions it’s possible to determine one or more areas where you want to establish a new coffee shop, while […]

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How does Data Analytics improve Outdoor Advertising?

Location intelligence and mobility analytics allow companies to create Out-of-Home advertising strategies focused 100% on the tastes and preferences of the people who pass through each point. In outdoor advertising (OOH), knowing in depth the consumers who pass through the point where the advertising will be exposed is crucial to maximizing as much as possible […]

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Retail Footfall analytics

Footfall analytics makes critical operational and strategic decisions for any business, improving conversion rates, maximizing sales, optimizing costs, and increasing brand positioning. Thanks to mobility data, retailers can gain deeper insight into their business by analyzing changes in sales volumes and the consequences of fluctuations in footfall levels inside and outside stores. At the same […]

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Retail of the Future: What’s Next for Physical Stores?

The COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially accelerated the growth of e-commerce, but physical stores are still far from disappearing. Today, retail businesses have accelerated their digitalization strategies by evolving omnichannel processes, trying to maintain their efficiency and generate added value without affecting their operations, as consumers’ needs to interact virtually with the different points of sale have increased. […]

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How to choose a new business location with Big Data

In order to identify the optimal place to establish a new business, for example, an educational center, it’s vital to resort to geolocation analytics and mobility analysis. Through location intelligence solutions, it’s possible to determine one or more areas where you want to establish an educational center, while mobility analysis and behavioral patterns can identify the factors that can […]

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