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Artificial Intelligence: How Does It Help to Optimize Costs?

Artificial intelligence is the main driver of the change that companies are beginning to experience, which are already optimizing their business decision-making processes and strategies with algorithmic and predictive models. The times are long gone when the term artificial intelligence was used and understood only by professionals in the technology world. Artificial intelligence is nowadays the main […]

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Business Strategy: How to Leverage Location Analytics?

Location analytics improves decision making, defines and implements better strategic plans by combining georeferencing information of customers and points of sale. Location analytics is a tool whose relevance has been increasing in the decision making process of companies, because in order to define and implement strategic plans, it is important to have access to accurate information […]

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Predictive Modeling: The New Real Estate Journey

Predictive analytics has transformed the real estate industry due to its powerful ability to deliver fast and accurate actionable insights. This has largely come about through the advent of Big Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that harness the intrinsic power of real estate data. Predictive analytics tools take this analysis to the next level to predictfuture outcomes […]

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What is Customer Analytics?

The analysis of customer information offers great advantages in strategy development, as customer interactions, consumer response and behavioral patterns, among others, can be monitored and predicted. This information is useful for increasing customer acquisition, profitability and long-term customer loyalty. How can Big Data be used to improve marketing and sales strategies? You may be interested in: “Geomarketing: […]

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How Big Data Analytics helps in the Real Estate Market?

Through techniques for managing large volumes of information, it is possible to carry out land studies, analyze the evolution of urban development in an area, and even optimize real estate marketing strategies, among other multiple uses. By combining land data and maps, there are different types of analysis that help professionals and their clients to […]

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Predictive models for the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry takes advantage of these real-time tools in order to predict and prevent potential problems, while maximizing the performance of operations and workforces in production plants by collecting, storing and organizing data generated by machines, devices and internal systems on the production floor. Predictive models combine the power of Big Data with artificial […]

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