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Supermarkets: How to Measure the Location Potential?

Finding out how many people live in the surroundings of the establishment, their income levels, their ages and their tastes and interests, is fundamental information to measure the potential of a supermarket’s location. Using the Geomarketing solutions we have developed for our clients, PREDIK Data-Driven‘s Business Intelligence team analyzed the environment of some of the main supermarket locations operating […]

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Business Intelligence: Data as Maps

The large volumes of information that are generated at every moment in the digital environment allow transforming data into maps, tools that serve for the development of Business Intelligence solutions that are used by business leaders in all sectors. After associating spatial or geographic information with phenomena that decision makers are interested in knowing and […]

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Images as Data = Business Solutions

Analyzing satellite photos to estimate the production capacity of an area or evaluating images of a product being sold on the streets to calculate its market-share are some of the business solutions that arise from the transformation of images into data. Traditionally, when teachers or businessmen wanted data, they requested surveys. Data would be ordered, […]

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