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Retail: Benefits of Implementing Real-Time Analytics

In order for retailers to stay ahead of digital competition, they must overcome cost and flexibility disadvantages; it’s necessary to have real-time insight into what is happening inside and outside the point of sale. Retailers must begin to take immediate action on unforeseen events at their physical points of sale, such as lack of inventory, shelf […]

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How to Use Transportation Analytics and its benefits

Through data analytics it’s possible to improve vehicle performance, reduce costs, improve processes, establish strategies, optimize routes and times, and foresee and identify problems, among others. Transportation analytics takes a variety of data ecosystems, helping industry leaders to use advanced analytical techniques such as machine learning, Big Data and geospatial data to optimize business strategies in the sector. Predictive analytics […]

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Big Data for Fraud Prevention

Big data analytics is an effective solution for identifying behavioral patterns and establishing strategies to help detect and prevent fraud in various business sectors. Most companies are not aware of the information they have and how to leverage, analyze and understand it, which can result in the loss of a large amount of potentially useful […]

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How to Increase Customer Dwell Time?

Customer dwell time is an analysis that should be closely monitored to capitalize on the full potential of each point of sale, indicating greater customer satisfaction. Estimating and improving the average customer dwell time inside physical stores is possible thanks to technological tools such as Big Data, location intelligence analysis and mobility data, which improve strategic decision making by […]

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Predictive models for the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry takes advantage of these real-time tools in order to predict and prevent potential problems, while maximizing the performance of operations and workforces in production plants by collecting, storing and organizing data generated by machines, devices and internal systems on the production floor. Predictive models combine the power of Big Data with artificial […]

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