Foot traffic analytics in Madrid

Heat maps are used by any business sector to identify foot traffic and vehicular mobility patterns in an area or point of interest, as their visualization presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense.

Heat maps can be used to identify foot traffic patterns from a country-level scale to a more detailed level such as the infrastructure of a store or building.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we developed a heat map of the city of Madrid, the capital of Spain, with elegant boulevards and wide parks and famous for its rich collections of European art; in order to analyze the different areas where the highest amount of mobility is concentrated, such as blocks, squares, tourist areas, avenues, etc.

Thanks to this analysis we were able to identify that the highest concentration of mobility is found in the center of Madrid, while in cities such as Getafe, Fuenlabrada, Móstoles, Alcorcón, and Alcobendas the concentration is more noticeable only at certain points.

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By combining these analytics with different layers of data, it is possible to segment each area by tastes, behavioral patterns, and preferences of the inhabitants, business leaders in any sector just need to be clear about their target in order to get to answer any kind of business question accurately and smartly.

These types of analysis go into such detail that they even allow us to segment pedestrian and vehicular mobility in order to also identify the flow in avenues, streets, public transportation stations, etc., and thus observe which are the busiest. This is more than ideal to effectively manage urban mobility and distribution routes, improving the last mile processes of companies.

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We can identify that the avenues with the most traffic are Avenida de la Paz, which crosses the entire eastern part of the capital and runs from Avenida de Burgos to the Autovía del Norte, being this and the Autovía Noroeste the two most used in the capital.

The details are such that it is possible to see in which specific areas of the streets and avenues the mobility levels are concentrated in their totality, allowing to focus the expansion plans and strategies for any type of business.

Another example of the accuracy of these analytics is the ability to identify in any area such as Plaza de Callao, which are the most and least visited establishments, allowing brands to identify potential areas of expansion and possible competitors.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we help our clients to generate diverse solutions based on mobility and location intelligence, and maximize their revenues, optimize costs and plan intelligent site selection strategies for their business.


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