Foot Traffic Data Business Benefits

Foot traffic data consists of spatial data (GIS), and is at the core of building intelligent strategies, transportation routes, processes and decision making in both public and private sectors.

What is it?

Foot traffic data associates people’s movements with physical locations, and can be collected in different ways, such as WiFi signals, GPS from mobile devices and sensors, providing useful information for sectors like retailreal estateagriculturefinancial services, insurance, tourism, sports, entertainment, among others.

Regardless of the type of Foot traffic data chosen, incorporating it into an analysis gives a deeper insight into who is going where and when.

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This data is anonymized and can be combined with demographic data such as age, income, socioeconomic status, voting patterns, preferences, without compromising people’s personal information.

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Uses and types of pedestrian traffic data

Analyzing mobility patterns is essential to perfect the design of a business, classify customers, identify demographic data of an area, optimize marketing efforts, determine the best locations to establish new stores (site location), among many others.

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More generally, foot traffic data sets include metrics that answer questions such as:

  • How long do visitors stay at a location?
  • How many people visit or walk near a location during specific periods of time?
  • What is the frequency of visits?
  • Where should a business open?
  • At what times of the day do you see the most foot traffic?
  • How much staff do you need and when?
  • What strategies should I implement to optimize routes, deliveries and pickups?
“This image shows one of thousands of analyses performed by PREDIK Data-Driven around a point of interest(POI).”

The accuracy with which these questions can be answered will always depend on the type of Foot traffic data is used and it’s analysis.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we use mobility data to generate different types of analysis that can benefit your business.

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