GIS and Big Data based industrial site selection

Where to locate industrial facilities is one of the most important strategic decisions that companies must make. Identifying the optimal location is a spatial problem that requires the comparison of attributes of different locations that have the best combination of the desired variables and qualities.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Big data are ideal for this type of spatial analysis, as they allow capturing, storing, querying and analyzing geographic information. The power of this tool allows a decision-maker to simultaneously analyze geographic space and data linked to a specific location. This feature makes GIS an indispensable tool for solving complex spatial problems, such as industrial location.

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Most used analysis for industrial localization

Macro-Location Analysis

It is used to find the geographical area that meets the basic requirements for the construction and development of industry with minimum operating costs.

Micro-Location Analysis

It is used to find out the specific macro-location site that meets the technical, infrastructure and work process requirements.

Site Selection Analysis 

It generates alternatives by applying arithmetic and logical operations in the process of analyzing geographic data, based on the search for potential locations located near means of transportation, roads and ports.

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Buffer Zone Analysis 

It is used when it is necessary to locate all locations that are in a zone (a distance) from the observed object.

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