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How a Packaging Company Employed AI to Find Lead Opportunities


An important US packaging company that creates and distributes sustainable recycle plastic products for major manufacturers and food companies.


As part of its expansion strategy, the company chose one of the strongest competitors on the East Coast to analyze all its clients.


Our AI-Powered Sales Intelligence solution provided them with a complete list of their competitor’s clients, partners, and suppliers.


They were able to identify unattended companies within key states as well as new business opportunities with specific clients of their main competitor.

The Client

A leading brand in the US plastic packaging industry

We worked with a leading plastic packaging company that provides products to major manufacturing industries and local food & beverage brands on the US West Coast.

Their sustainable approach has opened new business opportunities nationwide.

The Challenge

How to find new lead opportunities on the East Coast?

The company, based in the west coast, was looking to expand its sales strategy the other side of the country, as part if its long-term growth plan.

To understand the viability of this strategy, they were looking to run market research that could help them:

1) Analyze their main competitor in the new territory to understand its client portfolio. 

2) Identify new sales opportunities in target states like New York, New Jersey, Washington, and North Carolina.

3) Explore new business verticals beyond manufacturing and food & beverage (For example, warehouses, logistics and storage facilities).

The Solution

AI-Sales intelligence tool to identify new lead opportunities

With the use of Artificial Intelligence and relationship data, our client was able to visualize a complete list of all its competitor’s clients. 

The list was segmented by:

  • How “strong” the relationship between competitor-client was.
  • Client location.
  • Industry. 
  • NAICS codes.

An example of a lead opportunity they found was LiDestri Foods. This company was a competitor’s client, but data showed their business relationship was not as strong.

Our client found a competitive advantage there. It turns out that one of its best clients was very similar to LiDestri Foods.

*Note: The strongest the relationship our tool detects between a company and its current provider, the more difficult it is for a sales team to approach that company.

Also, they found their competitor works with many major brands’ distribution centers. 

With this information, the Sales VP developed a sales strategy focusing only on warehouse companies.

The Results

Focus on the real lead opportunities

Through our sales insight data, the company decided to enter the East Coast Market.

First, our client fully understood its primary competitor’s business relationships, from clients to distributors and partners.

Second, they were able to identify new prospects from target locations and new market ideas to explore.

AI Sales Intelligence tool (explanation)

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