How To Drive Sales by Measuring Foot Traffic

Walk-in foot traffic represents the number of customers that enter your store. This measure can be instrumental data for retailers and helps them make important decisions to increase sales. Each store’s foot traffic unveils the effectiveness of the storefront and its strategy to engage and attract potential customers into the store. 

This also marks the importance of converting walk-by foot traffic, and with precise measurements at hand, a retail store owner or any physical venue owner can make data-driven decisions to improve their sales. Therefore, it is fair to say that your foot traffic metric is a highly valuable tool, and it unveils the effectiveness of front store marketing. 

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Considerations When Measuring Foot Traffic

Many people try to deploy walk-in door counters to measure foot traffic, but the data produced by such devices will often have a disconnect from customer count. You have to understand the correlation between all other metrics and foot traffic so that you can gauge its effectiveness. You can also use foot traffic analytics to pick a better location for your store. A location that offers better foot traffic is the best way you can maximize Return on Investment.

Why is it Important? 

Measuring foot traffic is important for gauging economic developments in retail, tourism, and much more. There are many challenges that you can face when counting pedestrians that are walking into your store, and many of these challenges are equipment-related.  

Some of the automated equipment used to measure foot traffic continues to improve, but it will always have certain limitations. This is why you cannot expect pedestrian counting equipment to be perfect, and thus, the right way to utilize this equipment would be to understand the limitations and also refine the equipment made available.  

Technologies Available  

There are different technologies that can give you an accurate count. When counting foot traffic, it is very important to judge who you are counting, and secondly, you also have to figure out how long you are counting. The main factor to consider is the portability of your equipment, along with several others. Other factors come into deployment issues, and retail data managers will have to consider costs, accuracy, ease of installation, and use.  

How to Utilize Foot Traffic Data in Choosing Location 

Foot traffic data reveals the number of walk-ins in a particular location. It reveals not only the number of the pedestrians but also their demographics, average age, potential interests, and more critical information that can help you decide whether a specific location is good for your business or not.  

In other words, it tells you whether the foot traffic of a particular location consists of your ideal target audience. Choosing the area is an integral part of opening your store. You will need to consider who lives near these stores and has access to them.   

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Location Intelligence Analytics  

Having data analysis that evaluates and studies foot traffic means that you can conduct location intelligence analytics. Location intelligence helps organizations not only strategize their marketing, but also analyze competition, and optimize operations. 

Overall, if your location has many potential buyers, there will be more foot traffic, and your business can experience a drastic increase in revenue. Therefore, prioritizing this metric can be instrumental for a business. At PREDIK Data-Driven, we utilize foot traffic data in combination with other types of data to generate precise solutions for revenue growth.  

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