How to infer relationships between companies with Big Data?

The use of geospatial data provides deep insight into the logistical, legal, and commercial relationships between corporations and facilities of different companies all over the world.

Location intelligence and foot traffic analytics have revolutionized the way in which businesses generate competitive advantages within the various business sectors, being able to infer the behavior and relationships of companies has become a reality thanks to this type of technological technique.

Detecting and monitoring competitors are essential for a company to stay ahead in the global marketplace. Competitive studies focus primarily on extracting competitive relationships within a single data source, while competitive information is often distributed across multiple networks. How to uncover underlying patterns and use heterogeneous knowledge to avoid biased aspects of this question is a challenging problem.

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From monitoring distribution routes to establishing the most important relationships between companies. The geospatial data that is generated at every moment allows increasingly accurate estimates of the relationships that a logistics complex has with commercial establishments in the area and other distribution centers.

This analysis provides an in-depth view of any specific company’s transportation supply chain and its relationships with other facilities within any given area of interest.

Thanks to this type of technique it is possible to obtain a visualization that indicates which and how many are the establishments where a commercial relationship is found, to observe the path of the carriers, as well as to estimate an average of observations seen in the facilities, making it possible to understand the role of the supply chains, and thus generate a competitive advantage that sets you apart from your competitors.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we are generating different types of solutions based on Big Data and location intelligence techniques, in order to create customized solutions for our clients who are engaged in any line of business, innovating commercial and operational strategies, and improving decision making based on accurate data.

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