How to analyze a company profile using Trade Area Analysis

How to profile a company using Trade Area Analysis?

In our industrial trade area analysis guide, we explained how the analysis of enriched industrial POIs (Points of Interests) can provide detailed information about each company within an area regarding its supply chain and business structure.

In this article we´ll cover the following topics:

Is a company a possible ally or a threat? The importance of analyzing all facilities within an area

US industrial areas have complex and varied business ecosystems integrated by different companies, some of which can be possible allies while others can be menacing competitors. 

Insdustrial Trade Area Analysis Company Profiles

That’s why, in today’s competitive and hyperconnected environment, companies need to analyze all the company profiles within a specific area before placing a new industrial facility, branch, subsidiary, or warehouse. By doing this, they can manage and reduce their risk of making a wrong decision. 

Case study: Analyzing company profiles in Elkhart, Indiana

Elkhart County remains an economic magnet, not only for Indiana state but also for other metropolitan areas nearby. Its business activity consists of different industries: manufacturing, transportation, logistics, consumer goods, and others. According to Elkhart’s EDC, the area is so crucial for the region that it accesses a workforce of over half a million individuals.

Insdustrial Trade Area Analysis Company Profile in Elkhart, Indiana

To understand how Industrial Trade Area Analysis (ITAA) can provide us a deep understanding of a company profile, we randomly picked and analyzed a location within Elkhart’s industrial area (We’ll refer to it as “Sample Company”).

*Note: “Sample company” is a manufacturer and distributor for construction products and accessories specifically for industries like RV, marine, and manufactured housing. 

Understanding business relationships with other companies

ITAA can bring us details of a company’s business ecosystem and how tight its relationships with certain entities are. 

Insdustrial Trade Area Analysis Industry relations

For example, in the above chart, we identified “Sample Company’s” three most important suppliers:

  • “Aludyne,” a manufacturer of aluminum and iron cast and machined automotive components located in Elkhart. 
  • “Capital Hardware Supply Inc,” an HVAC and sheet metal parts distributor located in New Jersey.
  • “Crest Foam Industries Inc,” a plastic company based in New Jersey.

If we consider working with “Sample Company,” this information can help us understand its business structure, operational processes, and reliability of its connections. With the insights obtained, we can answer questions like:

  • Is it a good idea to work with this company? Which are the advantages and disadvantages of working with them? 
  • Is this company working with high-quality distributors and suppliers? 
  • Is this company working with entities facing legal or financial issues? 

On the other hand, if we identify “Sample Company” as a possible competitor, these insights can help us analyze how influential it is in the area.

Besides understanding the list of entities a company works with, it’s also important to understand business connections at a category level.  

Insdustrial Trade Area Analysis Industry categories

For example, “Sample Company” seems to have strong connections with transportation companies. This can mean that some of their largest clients could belong to this industry, which makes sense, given their line of business. 

Relationships maps 

As we explained in our article, Understanding Trade Area Analysis With Real Examples, “Relationship maps” display a company’s commercial connections inside and outside the US.

Insdustrial Trade Area Analysis map

This map helps us visualize if a company’s supply chain and operational organization involves local, regional, or nationwide relationships.  As we can see, “Sample Company” connects with companies within Elkhart County and with business entities around Indiana and other US states, like New Jersey, New York, and Michigan. 

How can you use Industrial Trade Area Analysis to analyze company profiles?

At PREDIK Data-Driven, we have developed Trade Area Analysis tools with an exact methodology that allows us to:

1) Identify and collect all the sources of information that are needed.

2) Evaluate and analyze each data piece from all the business entities within an area.

3) Visualize all the POIs and their business connections.

Let us help you make better decisions through reliable tools with 360 data. We have more than 14 years of experience working with top companies like Adidas, Panasonic, Bayer, and Shell.

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