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How to Use Market Intelligence for Your Small Business

Keeping a close eye on your competitors and the general market environment is crucial when creating sustainable strategies to drive business growth. The information collected from the industry has been termed market intelligence. This aspect has grown over the last few years and includes location analytics, predictive analytics models, and more.

Currently, market intelligence uses multiple sources of information to provide you with a holistic view of your company’s existing market, clientele, and other important factors. It helps to identify potential business opportunities, existing competition, regulatory environments, and ideas to develop new products and services.

Collecting, storing, and analyzing market data is not easy. You need expertise and experience to carry out robust searches and analyses. Therefore, you should look to hire a data consultant who can provide you with quality market assessment tools to carry out your research and intelligence solutions to conduct effective analysis. Having said that, here’s how you can use market intelligence for your small business.

Using Market Intelligence

As mentioned, market intelligence allows businesses to analyze current market conditions and gain a deeper insight into buying patterns and future business opportunities. Market intelligence can help you identify areas where you need to devote more company resources, and it also helps discover new markets and opportunities you can enter and dominate.

Having said that, you also need to conduct efficient competitor analysis to gather and analyze information about the key players in your market. Analyzing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses will help you identify areas of improvement within your business.

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Then comes product intelligence. This process involves identifying and analyzing the quality of your products and services. The assessment covers every aspect of your product lifecycle. This helps you improve your products and services in line with the prevalent consumer demand.

Business vs. Market Intelligence

Organizations often confuse the market and business intelligence as being the same thing. They are quite different. Business intelligence refers to the data related to a business’s internal performance, while market intelligence provides a holistic view of the overall market trend and economic conditions.

Business intelligence may include metrics like the number of products manufactured and shipped during a month, while market intelligence focuses on consumer demographics, geographic locations, buying patterns, competitors, and more.

How Can PREDIK Data-Driven Help?

Conducting robust analysis and collecting useful market intelligence is easier said than done. You need significant expertise and experience in the field to conduct efficient analysis. Therefore, you should always consider hiring an external expert who can provide you with the necessary tools, experience, and expertise in collecting market intelligence.

If you’re looking for a market mapping expert who can provide you with market intelligence software and other valuable insights, check out the services provided by PREDIK Data-Driven. Our mission is to provide our customers with thorough, reliable, and data-driven market intelligence that helps them make impactful decisions.

We also provide premium predictive analytics tools, real estate data analytics software, geomarketing analytics software, customer analytics software, and more. Check out our products and services today and contact us to get started!

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