Internet Searches = Market Trends

By collecting and analyzing the information that Internet search engines store on the queries that consumers make, it is possible to know with a high degree of precision what their interests are and to look for patterns or trends that help to measure performance indicators for a specific topic.

Through systems that provide real-time monitoring of changes in consumer interests and preferences in different countries, it is possible to project short- and long-term demand trends for the different products, services, sectors and markets operating in the regions.

Nowadays, companies are interested in anticipating the changes that will take place in the different sectors and categories of products and services. This can be done by analyzing market trends.

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Jorge Márquez, Data Scientist at PREDIK Data-Driven, explains that “… using the information that search engines collect from users who make a query from their page, we can know exactly what their interests are and look for patterns and/or trends that help us measure performance indicators of a specific topic“.

Márquez assures that “… with the help of performance indicators, we can find out if any topic is booming on the web and thus create strategies to help attack that niche of interest and see if we can enter that market or create a solution. With the pandemic situation, it could be observed that the topic of mobility via mobile applications increased considerably and this can be monitored week by week to see if it continues to grow steadily or if it is going down, and this applies to any topic that can help us to give more visibility.

By constantly reviewing trends at the country level, we can get an overview of the current situation of a certain indicator, but if we can go down to the level of State, Province or Department we have a better visibility of how interest in a product or service is behaving in different areas of a country, and if you have presence in a specific region it helps you to know if the indicator is strong or not in your area, highlights the Data Scientist.

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