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How a major clothing brand managed to analyze underserved markets


Sports brand with international presence and great recognition.


How to identify the market potential in unserved cities in South America?


Data-based model capable of analyzing sportswear consumer preferences.


Correct identification of key cities worth expanding and investing.

The Client

Company considered one of the Top 5 best sports brands worldwide.

Our client is one of the top five sports brands around the world. In 2022 they were valued at almost USD 17 billion (with estimated net sales of €21 billion).

Currently, the brand has different product lines targeting athletes’ various needs.

The Challenge

Identify unserved markets in key South American cities.

Our client identified several underserved markets in South America and therefore needed to understand the consumers’ profiles in specific cities.

Their expansion strategy considered specific aspects to assess an area’s market potential. That was why they were looking for an intelligence model that would allow them to analyze each of these aspects.

The Solution

We developed a model capable of analyzing the sportswear market at a geographic level. 

Our data scientists used alternative sources, geomarketing, and mobility data for this.

The generated reports brought an interactive visualization of aspects such as:

  • Buying preference analysis regarding consumers’ habits related to sports articles and clothing.
  • Level of Interest in Sports Articles and Clothing in each city.
  • Comparison with other countries (Where the brand already had a store presence)
  • Consumption analysis to forecast the target market in each city.

The Results

Our client understood its target market’s main characteristics, habits, and consumption trends (in each target city).

Through this analysis, the brand was able to measure market potential, rule out options, and focus its efforts on key areas for its expansion strategy.

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