POI Analysis in the Retail Sector

The analysis of mobile and geospatial data focused on points of interest has become vital for the efficiency of any business, as it allows to understand some important aspects that retailers need to ensure the success of their establishments.

What are POIs?

A point of interest (POI) is a specific geographic entity, such as a restaurant, a high school, a shopping mall or a corporate office, these points are the basis of most of the data that support location-based applications, they can be either permanent or temporary.

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Mobile and geospatial data analysis focused on points of interest, have become vital to the efficiency of any business, as they allow to understand some important points that retailers need to ensure the success of their establishments.

Knowing the places visited on the consumers’ shopping route, the classification and number of customers visiting or passing near a POI, the type of inhabitants that pass through certain areas, the times when some locations have more pedestrian traffic, among many others, are just some of the answers that these types of analysis provide.

Uses and Applications in the Retail Sector

Combining location and mobility data with POI data increases the internal and external benefits of retail businesses by providing a reliable, economically intelligent home delivery system that meets user expectations, plans efficient transportation routes for deliveries and pickups to optimize labor and supply chain costs, establishes warehouses strategically closer to desired locations to provide faster deliveries and reduce costs, provides shorter and more accurate delivery times, improves order tracking and enhances customer satisfaction.

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These analytics also make it possible to locate and classify consumers in order to optimize and improve advertising to increase foot traffic in stores, generate accurate insights into competitors’ foot traffic and visitation rate to generate strategies that lead to higher competitiveness, analyze the performance of all stores in an area to get a detailed comparison, and even know the route of consumers to take them from online stores to physical points of sale.

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