Problems with Last-Mile Delivery Processes?

Several companies, especially in the retail sector, have realized that they need to challenge traditional last-mile delivery solutions in light of recent advances in technology tools.

With the help of location intelligence that gives access to aerial, satellite imagery and high-definition maps, last-mile delivery processes can evolve to the degree that drivers can avoid traffic and expedite deliveries through predictive alerts, fleet managers can focus on planning delivery routes more efficiently based on fuel costs, travel time, road tolls, etc.

“This image represents the vehicular flow on a highway in the Estado de Mexico, Mexico.”

Thanks to mobility analytics, it’s possible to achieve real-time visibility of volumes in transit and the level of individual items or shipments. This new level of detail and dynamism allows companies to substantially reduce the number of blind spots in their distribution networks.

“This image represents a foot traffic analysis around two McDonald’s and Burger King outlets in South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA.”

Real-time predictive models offer a deeper understanding of future outcomes with some degree of probability, as they are used to predict trends and behavioral patterns, dramatically improving visibility into the last mile, helping to reduce the time spent generating routing sheets and manual reports at the end of the day.

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These tools make it possible to answer questions such as:

  • Where to open new distribution centers?
  • Where to extend customer requests?
  • Where to hire more labor?
“This image represents a POI analysis that reveals the population behavioral patterns in Zona Rosa, Mexico City

These tools have the ability to provide accurate tracking of time, pedestrian mobility, temperature, and location, thereby tracking all shipments in real-time, while monitoring the quality of the goods and surrounding weather conditions, helping to optimize routes and direct your vehicles and resources through the most efficient, low-traffic routes and optimizing shipping costs and distances.

Brands ranging from AmazonWalmartAlibabaTargetUberTesla and many more use these tools to maximize revenue and optimize operating costs.

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Advantages of applying these technological tools in last-mile processes:

On-time deliveries

Allows you to streamline delivery and predict arrival times. Leveraging these tools reduces delivery time to completion and provides greater control over loading and unloading in warehouses.

Fleet and driver management

Helps to know the exact location of vehicles at all times and predict ETAs. Even when it comes to fleet security, location intelligence will help protect cargo with complete visibility and provide alerts in case of any unauthorized movement.

Route optimization

Provide a full picture of what route conditions are like and how they could affect ETA.  With real-time information and live tracking, fleet managers can optimize the best route for freight transportation.

Cost reduction

From monitoring fuel consumption to tracking expenses that help analyze cost-distance ratios, location intelligence can provide companies with the ability to exercise control over their expenses. This enables fleet managers to make informed decisions that can help reduce costs in the most efficient way.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we help our clients with delivery route planning, optimizing their movement, improving their estimated time of arrivals, both to reach distributor outlets, reach the consumer on time, improve omnichannel strategies, and better serve their entire customer base.

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