Understand a company's truck-based supply chain and its relationships with other businesses and facilities in the US

Supply Chain Dataset


7 countries


4 years of historical data


100K records


95% match rate

Common use cases

Other companies are using this dataset for:

Market research

Supply chain intelligence

Due dilligence & risk assessment

Custom Market Research Solution

Economic analysis

Ideal for sectors like:

Household & Personal Products
Consumer Durables & Apparel
Food & Beverage

This alternative dataset, available for all countries, includes enriched raw mobility data and visitation at POIs.


With this dataset, you can get a knowledge graph of a company’s relationships with other facilities and companies within the country using geolocation.

Featured attributes of the data

Our Company-to-Company Relations & Supply Chain Mapping dataset contains relevant information that can help you:

  1. Identify and analyze the economic, logistic, legal, and business connections between companies.
  2. Detect the connections between the business and facilities owned by different companies.
  3. Map an entire supply chain nationwide and statewide within the United States.
  4. Enhance supply chain management by improving visibility across tiers.
  5. Identify all suppliers in the value chain, including secondary, third, and fourth tiers.
  6. Get valuable insights from private companies (Usually not disclosed in their reports).

Common use cases for this data

  • Identify, quantify, and understand the relationships between suppliers and customers.
  • Identify and define connections and interconnections between individual firms or facilities and between industries within the United States.
  • Understand spatial relationships.
    Map the domestic distribution chain and logistics in the United States, either nationally or regionally.
  • Trace items throughout the supply chain and investigate criminal networks.
  • Improve assessment of risk transfer.
  • Improve risk management within the supply chain.


  • Update Frequency: Monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Companies covered: Public and private.
  • Stock tickers covered: Around 1,500.
  • Data Delivery Methods: S3 Bucket, Rest API.
  • Delivery Formats: CSV, JSON, XLX, SQL.
  • Geographic Coverage: Mexico, US, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and UK.

Differentiators of our custom datasets

Our supply chain mapping dataset will help you answer questions like:

  • Which are the logistic providers that my client is currently partnering with?
  • Which are the clients of a targeted company?
  • Which distributors and suppliers are being employed by my competitors?
  • What valuable insights can I discover within my competitors’ supply chain?
  • What are the main capabilities of a targeted company?

Other valuable insights from this data include:

– Frequency of employee visits to the facility daily, monthly, and average.
– Differentiation of visits by workers, residents, and visitors.
– Analysis of building shape, size, and footprint.
– Analysis of workers’ visit frequency by weekday and hour of the day.
– Identification of the company’s location based on relative income.
– Names and addresses of facilities, service providers, and traded goods.

Data Sample & Dictionary

  • Request a simple data sample here.

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