How to Maximize Revenue and Visits in Shopping Centers?

Analytics based on Big Data allows mall operators to maximize revenues and visits by better selecting tenants, optimizing mall design, determining rents, establishing signage and advertising campaigns. New technological tools allow mall operators to measure the number of consumers spending in and out of stores, the time they spend in and out of stores, know their relative […]

Costumer analytics to understand behavior patterns

Customer behavior analytics, is important to understand how users interact with a brand, now it can be done in a more objective and real way, using Big Data management techniques. Customer behavioral analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data that, together with technology tools such as Big Data, machine learning and location intelligence, help […]

Are Predictive Models Useful in Business?

More companies are turning to predictive analytics to optimize their processes, achieve better business results and increase their market share. Organizations use internal predictive analytics to forecast trends, understand and predict customer behavior, improve performance and drive strategic decision making. You may be interested in: “What are predictive models and what are they used for?“ Some […]