What Is Geofencing Marketing & How To Use It? (Complete Guide)

Geofencing Marketing Guide

Geofencing marketing is a location-based marketing strategy that targets users within a specific geographic area or virtual boundary.  Businesses can send push notifications, ads, or personalized content to potential customers through mobile devices and GPS data when they enter a predefined geofencing area. This highly-targeted approach to digital marketing has become increasingly popular as it […]

Retail Footfall analytics

Footfall analytics makes critical operational and strategic decisions for any business, improving conversion rates, maximizing sales, optimizing costs, and increasing brand positioning. Thanks to mobility data, retailers can gain deeper insight into their business by analyzing changes in sales volumes and the consequences of fluctuations in footfall levels inside and outside stores. At the same […]

Foot traffic Analytics: Top Clothing Stores, Atlanta

The clothing store market is one of the most popular in the USA, with Big data analytics and location intelligence techniques we made an brief exploratory analysis in Atlanta city. Case Study: Analysis of Apparel Stores in Atlanta, USA Using location intelligence techniques it was possible to identify all the stores distributed in the city, the […]