How To Drive Sales by Measuring Foot Traffic

Walk-in foot traffic represents the number of customers that enter your store. This measure can be instrumental data for retailers and helps them make important decisions to increase sales. Each store’s foot traffic unveils the effectiveness of the storefront and its strategy to engage and attract potential customers into the store.  This also marks the […]

How to enhance Market Intelligence Reports with Big Data?

In marketing strategies, cannibalization refers to decreasing sales revenue, volume, or market share. This happens because of a company introducing a new product. In E-commerce, some companies approach intentional cannibalization to reduce the prices of their offerings. This allows them to benefit from the host of customers that gather to buy the discounted product.  Therefore, […]

Types of Supply Chain Analytics & why is important?

Supply chain analytics is one of the most important parts of managing any company that produces and markets products. The data obtained by supply chain analytics is key to the success of an organization. In an ideal situation, companies can carry out their operations with the exact number of supplies and without interruptions. This scenario […]

Big Data for Effective Supply Risk Assessment

How to use Big Data for Supply Risk Assessment

A supply risk assessment process identifies and manages potential risks within a supply chain.  Supply risk assessment is essential because it helps businesses anticipate and prepare for potential disruptions. As you know, in today’s globalized world, a minor hiccup in one region can ripple across the entire supply chain. This can cause significant operational and financial […]

Predictive models for retail franchises

Predictive analytics uses data, statistical algorithms and machine learning procedures to identify the probability of expected outcomes from historical data, enabling organizations to increase their productivity, competitive advantage, improving what companies do and how they do it. Franchise system retailers can face growth challenges in a changing and competitive retail marketplace, and franchise managers and […]

How does Big Data work in market research?

In the United States, digitization is spreading through myriad channels across the economy. Now, in that country, digital tools are generating channels that are changing the way of doing traditional market research. In general, big data aligned with market research makes the process more efficient and impactful than before. The role of Big Data in […]

How to measure customer engagement with Big Data?

Customer Engagement Analytics and Big Data

The concept of customer engagement analytics refers to the process of collecting and analyzing data on customer-business interactions. This data can reveal valuable insights, such as customer preferences and behaviors. Understanding this data helps businesses to better engage with their customers. Understanding and optimizing customer engagement is crucial for businesses. This helps them foster robust […]

How to map the supply chain with Big Data?

Supply chain mapping brings companies strong and trusted relationships with suppliers, leading to better business results. The ability to use Big Data in supply chain mapping allows businesses to automatically perform supply chain assessments, storing supplier information throughout the process to reduce operation fatigue in the future. By combining it with location analytics, you can […]

Benefits of supply chain mapping with Big Data

Supply chain mapping with Big Data is the process of identifying all companies and suppliers in order to analyze and improve the operations that are part of every material, process and delivery involved in the commercialization of products and services. What is supply chain mapping? Supply chain mapping is the process of documenting information on […]

10 (Big) benefits of using Big Data in Fleet Management

Top Benefits of using Big Data in Fleet Management

Are manual fleet management practices causing you headaches? Want to streamline your operations, reduce expenses, and enhance driver safety? Then, Big Data technology can the right answer for you. Make informed decisions that improve your fleet’s efficiency and performance by processing vast amounts of data in real-time. Big Data Analytics is changing how companies manage […]