What is foot traffic data and how to obtain it?

Foot traffic data has a wide variety of uses in different sectors, allowing companies to discern the activities, behavior patterns and interests of people in an POI. What is foot traffic data? Foot Traffic data, sometimes referred to footfall data, is data generated by anonymous mobile devices that indicates the number of people or vehicles […]

What is alternative data and what sectors does it benefit?

The increase in data from mobile devices, satellites, sensors and websites has resulted in vast amounts of data also known as Big data. All that data has the potential to be mined for insights and potentially help companies make better data-driven decisions. What is alternative data? Alternative data refers to data used by investors to […]

Heat maps for real estate investments

Foot traffic analytics and location intelligence techniques have become key factors in the real estate investment process. In the process of searching for selecting areas for the acquisition of properties for real estate development, investors focus on finding the one with the highest expected return on investment. This process, which until now was done using […]

Ways Location Intelligence drives Real Estate Investments

In order to research and evaluate real estate investment opportunities for commercial, industrial, or hospitality use, it is important to consider all social and economic factors in a given area in order to make an informed investment. Researching and evaluating real estate investment opportunities is not a piece of cake. Whether it is the valuation […]

Location Analytics in the Real Estate Market

This analysis enables real estate companies to make data-driven decisions on issues that define the success of a real estate business, from acquisitions, leasing, investments to marketing campaigns and operational processes.

Predictive Modeling: The New Real Estate Journey

Predictive analytics has transformed the real estate industry due to its powerful ability to deliver fast and accurate actionable insights. This has largely come about through the advent of Big Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that harness the intrinsic power of real estate data. Predictive analytics tools take this analysis to the next level to predict future […]

How Big Data Analytics helps in the Real Estate Market?

Through techniques for managing large volumes of information, it is possible to carry out land studies, analyze the evolution of urban development in an area, and even optimize real estate marketing strategies, among other multiple uses. By combining land data and maps, there are different types of analysis that help professionals and their clients to […]

Geospatial Data for Real Estate Market

Through solutions based on the analysis of satellite photos and machine learning models, it is possible to optimize the process of identifying the best land uses and analyze the areas where a construction project will be developed with a high level of detail, in order to find the optimal location and minimize investment risks. The […]