Footfall around UB City Mall, Bangalore, India

Mobility solutions based on Big Data techniques have revolutionized the way luxury shopping malls understand the behavioral patterns of their visitors, profile their consumers, and make business decisions. Leaders use these techniques to make more efficient and concise decisions that generate greater profitability by maximizing revenue and optimizing costs. Case Study: POi Categorization of UB […]

Footfall analytics: The largest Starbucks in India

Footfall analytics and POI characterization through Big Data are being used by retail industry leaders to make smarter business decisions, by maximizing revenue and optimizing costs. Case Study: Footfall analysis of the largest Starbucks Coffe in Bangalore India At PREDIK Data-Driven we conducted a detailed study of Starbucks Coffe, the largest physical store in Bangalore, India. […]

How to measure foot traffic in a wholesale market?

POI analytics through Big Data techniques allows companies to understand an area of interest and thereby implement strategies, expansion models, and solutions within any business sector. Information about a specific location or a set of similar locations can help companies make better decision-making. Combined with additional contextual parameters such as human mobility, sociology, dynamics of […]

Footfall analytics: Costco Wholesale Vs. Sam’s Club

Big Data technological tools and spatial data play a very important role in business by measuring footfall and helping to understand consumer behavior patterns in any given area of interest or point of sale. Footfall analytics, location intelligence, and point-of-interest categorization have revolutionized the way the retail and wholesale industries implement the expansion, commercial and operational strategies in the franchised warehouse clubs. […]

How to Maximize Revenue and Visits in Shopping Centers?

Analytics based on Big Data allows mall operators to maximize revenues and visits by better selecting tenants, optimizing mall design, determining rents, establishing signage and advertising campaigns. New technological tools allow mall operators to measure the number of consumers spending in and out of stores, the time they spend in and out of stores, know their relative […]

POI analytics in Luxury Shopping Malls

The POI characterization through Big Data has become more frequent as it allows the implementation of strategies and solutions within the business sectors. The variety of solutions based on location intelligence and zone characterization rely on efficient POI analysis, which benefits any type of business. Mapping platforms and social networking applications host their own geographic datasets, resulting […]