Footfall analytics for site selection strategies

The secret to site selection in such a competitive market is based on the ability to analyze the right data and be able to understand and interpret the site selection strategies of nearby locations to stay ahead of their expansion plans and gain a competitive advantage. Where? This is the fundamental question that guides any […]

Case Study: Site selection Model for retail stores

Learn how a retail clothing franchise used a predictive model to optimize its expansion strategy and identify the most suitable areas for the opening of new brick-and-mortar stores. Foot traffic analytics combined with predictive models allow retail businesses to analyze different potential areas for the new stores and predict the behavior of their customers inside and outside […]

Predictive modeling for site selection strategies

Retailers need to use predictive modeling and combine it with business, customer, and market data in order to forecast sales or new businesses profitability. Predictive modeling is a highly effective way to identify a suitable area for expansion strategies, as it has become a vital tool for narrowing down hundreds of potential sites or even […]

Which shopping center should I choose to open my store?

The key to attracting potential customers to any new location is to determine its foot traffic potential, the use of geospatial data combined with footfall analytics makes the retail site selection process easier, faster, and more reliable. At PREDIK Data-Driven we support corporations by optimizing their site selection strategies with 100% data-driven methodologies. One of […]

Foot traffic in South Africa shopping malls

Location intelligence and foot traffic analytics are transforming the way retail strategies are defined, and shopping malls are no exception. The correlation between foot traffic, sales, and the success of shopping malls have been studied and proven, so the development of this type of analysis has become a priority in the site selection process and […]

How to profile mall visitors?

POI characterization through Big Data has become more frequent as it allows the implementation of strategies and site selection solutions within the various business sectors. Leaders use these techniques to make more efficient and concise decisions that generate greater profitability by maximizing revenues and optimizing costs. Case Study: Visitor profiling at Perisur, one of the […]

How to use Location Analytics in the Fast-food business?

Identifying mobility patterns and classifying consumers within a point of sale or areas of interest helps large retail fast fo measure foot traffic in and out of their stores while understanding the behavioral patterns of their consumers. The correlation between location and footfall analytics, visits, sales, and the success of retail fast-food franchises have been […]

Foot traffic in pharmacies: CVS Pharmacy Vs. Walgreens (Case Study)

Foot traffic analysis case study Walgreens and CVS

Pharmaceutical companies need to apply location intelligence techniques and foot traffic analytics to identify consumer mobility patterns, in order to maximize sales and generate more efficient expansion models. Foot traffic analytics and location intelligence are two powerful tools. They provide valuable insights into people’s movements, behaviors, and preferences in specific geographical areas.  What is foot […]

Footfall analytics: Walmart Vs. Kroger, US

  Supermarkets can apply location intelligence techniques and footfall analytics to understand consumer mobility patterns, generate efficient site selection strategies, understand the performance of their stores, and estimate competitor turnover.     The correlation between foot traffic visitation, sales, and the success of retail supermarkets have been studied and proven, so the development of this […]

Case Study: Heat maps applied to site location strategies

Heat maps are used by retail giants to understand pedestrian and vehicular footfall patterns and consequently optimize their strategies for opening new stores. At site selection solutions. In this case study, we will talk about how a transnational chain of stores dedicated to the sale of household goods was able to reduce its investment risks […]