Footfall analytics: Walmart Vs. Kroger, US

  Supermarkets can apply location intelligence techniques and footfall analytics to understand consumer mobility patterns, generate efficient site selection strategies, understand the performance of their stores, and estimate competitor turnover.     The correlation between foot traffic visitation, sales, and the success of retail supermarkets have been studied and proven, so the development of this […]

Big Data: How Many Visits Receives My Store Vs. the Competition?

Analyzing the number of consumers who visit the establishments of any retail company, establishing the days and hours of greatest affluence and comparing it with competing sales points, is possible with Big Data techniques that allow the collection and analysis of large volumes of mobility data. The millions of anonymized data generated every second by cell phones […]

Big Data to Infer Relationships between Companies

By analyzing the large volumes of anonymous data generated by mobile devices, it is possible to establish whether a distribution center has a commercial relationship with other logistics complexes, and even with establishments that serve the end consumer. Using the most advanced Big Data tools, it is possible to understand the behavior of the supply […]

Geospatial Data to Optimize Supply Chain

Through geospatial data analysis techniques, PREDIK Data-Driven carried out an analysis of five Walmart distribution centers in Florida, United States, with the aim of identifying patterns in the supply chains of these five centers and their relationships with commercial establishments and other logistics complexes in the State. Through this analysis, whose objective is to show how […]