The Age of Smart Packaging

The use of unique codes that can be scanned with a mobile device, so that consumers know all the product information and companies interact with their customers, are part of the innovations that some packages already have.

Currently, consumer interest in products that are manufactured with environmental and social responsibility has grown. More and more customers want to have more details about the production processes and the origin of the goods.

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Tetra Pak, for example, has focused on the use of packages that contain a unique printed code that, when scanned with a mobile device, provides customers with information about the time the product was manufactured, nutritional data and other details.

Yuran Rodríguez, Tetra Pak’s marketing director for the Central American and Caribbean region, told that “… technological innovation, besides being focused on improving the package, also seeks to understand the needs of the consumer who wants to be informed and hence the proposal of the unique code with key data.

With the interaction of the consumer with intelligent packaging, companies could receive large volumes of information, such as purchasing habits by geographical area, in some cases the age ranges of customers, gender, tastes and preferences.

Rodriguez added that “... ‘What we are looking for is to understand, through this digital dynamic, the sales trend having as an advantage the immediacy of the information integrated in the unique code’. The code is already used in Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. It will be available in Panama during the second quarter of 2021′.

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