Uses and applications of Big Data for Deliveries

Delivery companies leverage location intelligence to have better market capture and maximize customer experience.

More and more businesses are getting into the product delivery business. This quest, in turn, has led them to need location intelligence, as it allows them to measure and control various factors critical to the success of their business, or their processes, including real-time traffic updates, delivery address location, routes, among many other things.

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Location intelligence solutions are critical to improving strategies, increasing customer base, maximizing market share and improving delivery process performance.

There are many factors that affect or help delivery technology companies grow their business. Measuring real-time traffic, predicting and estimating order preparation time, boosting the efficiency of delivery executives, identifying consumer preferences and mobility patterns, to name a few.

Top 5 Use Cases

Improve service capacity

Find new restaurants that can accept orders and deliver them within the maximum delivery time, identifying the right times to guarantee deliveries by calculating delivery time accurately and effectively.

Facilitate delivery assignment

Streamline the assignment to the nearest delivery executive relative to the order by obtaining information on the distance between the delivery driver’s current location and the restaurant, as well as the time required to reach the customers’ location.

Last-mile delivery

With access to aerial, satellite imagery and high-definition maps, last-mile delivery processes are evolving to the point of allowing drivers to avoid traffic and speed up deliveries through predictive alerts.

Optimizing cost and time

Finding a balance between maintaining a good customer experience and maintaining high order delivery efficiency, optimizing time, cost and routes even in unfavorable circumstances, minimizing unused delivery executive time and the time a delivery executive spends waiting for the next order to be assigned.

Inventory management from the network

Predict customer buying patterns and prepare inventories.

Location intelligence provides essential information such as historical data on customers and various nearby points of interest, etc., once combined with AI.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we offer a wide range of solutions for companies to improve customer experience, help in site selection and control costs.

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